Public outrage after Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner shot family of baboons

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An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner has faced severe criticism after sharing photos of himself posing with a family of baboons, including little babies, he killed while on a hunting expedition in Africa recently.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Blake Fischer and his wife shot at least 14 animals while on safari in Nambia. The public backlash has prompted Governor C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter’s office to look into the situation as Fischer’s judgment has been called into question. In addition to killing the family of baboons, he and his wife also killed a giraffe, leopard, impala, sable antelope, waterbuck, kudu, warthog, gemsbok and eland.

“So I shot a whole family of baboons,” Fischer wrote under a photo posing with the dead animals.

Fischer responded to criticism stating he didn’t do anything illegal, however pressure continues to mount for him to resign. In one of the most disturbing photos is Fischer smiling behind the four dead baboons propped up to sit, with the blood of one of the baby baboons that had been shot in the chest. The family was killed using bows and arrows.

“They killed a whole family, including small baboons, and I think that’s revolting. It puts a bad light on us,” stated a former commissioner.

Fischer’s position as a commissioner involves making policy concerning Idaho’s wildlife as it often manages game population through hunting and fishing regulations. Regulations are intended to uphold ethical policies as to wildlife including recent federal challenges in court as to wolf and grizzly bear hunting.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has seven members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. This would be Fischer’s second term in office, however he still needs Senate confirmation.

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  1. Wow ::: I guess my Neighbor State of IDAHO is paying you ONE HELL of a Salary FOR THE PISS POOR JOB YOU DO!!! Did TAKING the LIVES of a Whole Family ( incident that are bonded for Life) FULFILL some sort of SEXUAL Fantasy For YOU and YOUR Equally Barbaric Wife!!! I would classify you both as Psychotic Cretin’s …That photo made me sick at heart … to look at!! SHAME on BOTH YOU!!! IDAHO Should be ashamed to have YOU as the Game and Fish Director … How many Prize Elk, Grizzle’s , Moose , Antelope, and Deer have you poached!!!!

  2. This scum and his wife should never be allowed to use a gun to hunt or kill another animal.How were they allowed to kill so many baboons as well as the other animals in this article. Doesn’t the government of this country they did this in, restrict any killings or the number of animals they can kill?What are they going to do with these dead animals, make a fur coat for themselves, mount the heads of some on a wall? What was the purpose of these kills? This man must be removed from his position of authority as commissioner for The Idaho Fish and Game Commission immediately. He has no caring for animals and has shown that with his large cache of dead animals he and his wife killed in Nambia.

  3. Why would you kill them just because you can doesn’t make it right. Humanity has fallen, we are in trouble people, sad days he should be fired pronto if that is how he protects wildlife he failed miserably.

  4. Fire the asshole tend prison terms for both and showing ‘em with arrows make them suffer! Snd yo think he is supposed to protect! I hate those two devils!!

  5. I agree with what the folks have written so far. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. those people should be fired now, and put in Jail. a whole family of baboons, shame on the idiot that killed them.

  6. So, just because it “wasn’t illegal”, that makes it right? Killing an entire family of baboons, including babies, is just fine with you?

    No wonder so many western states have such poor track records when it comes to managing, taking care of and protecting their wildlife! Scum like this have no conscience when it comes to the wildlife of other countries, so it’s undoubtedly true that they have little regard for ours as well.

    I have to wonder just how many of our wildlife laws this scumbag’s broken and / or pushed to the limit because he could without being caught.

    I hope he’s fired SOON.. He has no business staying in that job one more day!

  7. WTF us wrong with these a-holes?????This is hunting???Mother of God!!!!!!These sub humans need psychiatric help!!How can you enjoy the taking of so many lives!!!Fire this a-hole!!!! Just when I think I’ve heard it all

  8. Pure Arrogance!!! Evil subhumans like this need to be controlled (I’d prefer same Justice but that’d never happen). Loose your job & ‘power’ to possess guns & never to be around Animals – be forever shunned! Animals are to be treated with compassion & respect and laws everywhere need to change to reflect this!! Since so many have no moral compass of their own.


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