Property owner kills 3 bear cubs going after beehive for honey

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A property owner in Tamworth, New Hampshire shot and killed three bear cubs on Wednesday for going after his beehive for honey.  It’s as if the mother of the bear and her cubs have knowledge of what belongs to whom. Not understanding that, the cubs tragically paid with their lives.

According to the Concord Monitor, the bear cubs had been going after his chickens and beehive for days. New Hampshire state law allows a person to kill wild animals on their property if they are damaging  crops or domestic animals. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game information, however the state will provide property owners with appropriate fencing and other preventive measures to keep the bears from becoming nuisances and putting their lives at risk.

September 1 marked the beginning of bear hunting season in New Hampshire – the department refers to hunting as “bear management.”

“Bears may be hunted over bait, by stalking or with hounds. The statewide bear population has experienced modest growth over the past two decades and is at approximately 6,100 animals. The population is strong throughout the state and abundant hunting opportunities exist in most areas.”

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11 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is killing defenseless animals for being “animals”. Three defenseless babies to boot! Certainly he could have taken some other steps to keep the bears away? At lease contact the New Hampshire Fish and Game to see what can be done before resorting to murder!

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    This man is an idiot. I don’t care 8f he only just moved onto the property or been there 40 years, if the government will provide adequate fencing AND other measures to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance, or then you don’t establish a chicken run or beehives u til you have those measures in place. If th government doesn’t charge him with cruelty to animals and causing unnecessary death by his actions, then it’s members are just as big asses as the bear shooter. He had no right to shoot those bears, whether to maim or kill.

  3. Adrienne says:

    He never contacted the Fish & Game organization in his state who would have provided him with ways to protect his property and animals and it doesn’t say he did.Finding other means to deal with these cubs should have been his first plan not killing them. He knew what they were going after, so do something to prevent them from going after the honey. Sad situation for these innocent cubs and the mother looking for them I imagine.

  4. Denise Moore says:

    Pathetic, he should have tried more to deter the bears but no he wants to play wilderness man well hope he realizes when Karma comes for him…Jack leg jerk

  5. Nikki stavros says:

    Dear ladies
    Love the comments. Person involved not scum or pos but i wonder about you. fish and game WAS notified before incident. Children were involved. Bear had chased. Bears are dangerous wild animals. Not cute innocent babies. Humans are cute innocent babies. Get your facts straight and dont wish bad things on people. You never know when you might be in a situation. Stop judging and mouthing off. This person is more upset than any of you. Is responsible,decent person so shut up and mind your own business.

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    We obviously weren’t given all the facts, so that makes it difficult, however, I maintain my stance – it’s obvious he did not have the proper fencing etc as prescribed by and supplied by the govt, or the bears would not have been on his property, or else somebody left the gate open- again down to the owner.


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