Pregnant bulldog unable to deliver her puppy left abandoned in London alley

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A pregnant bulldog, unable to deliver her puppy, was discovered by a Good Samaritan on Sunday after a heartless owner abandoned the young dog completely covered in feces in a filthy wet crate in a long, dark alley in London.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog now dubbed Florence, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian by the RSPCA  where an examination revealed a dead puppy inside of her ruptured uterus. The white bulldog is estimated to be between two and four years of age. Veterinarians think the dog had been in active labor and having trouble delivering the puppy when she was abandoned. Had the dog not been discovered and provided emergency treatment, she would have died.

“Dumping a dog for any reason is heartbreaking, but to think that this girl was so poorly and also in the midst of labour is just tragic,” stated Nicola Thomas, the RSPCA  animal welfare officer who was called after the dog was found. “When I first picked her up she was covered from head to toe in feces and smelled so awful. You couldn’t actually tell what color she was meant to be.”

Since the dog’s discovery at Finsbury Park, social media has been horrified and are actively helping authorities find the culprit who abandoned the dog in her critical time of need. Florence remains in serious condition and is being treated at the Harmsworth Memorial Animal Hospital. She is receiving fluids and remains on medication.

Florence had obviously been used for breeding in the past and is estimated to have had numerous litters of puppies, but despite the betrayal of her owner, the dog remains very loving and friendly.

The RSPCA believes the owner of the dog may live locally in the London area, and if anyone recognizes the mother or has one of her puppies, is asked to call 0300 123 8018.

(Photos screenshots via BPM Media and the RSPCA)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Glad Florence was found before she died. She looks like a completely different dog after her cleaning. Looks like something also happened to her left eye, but she is safe now, and hopefully on the road to recovery and possibly a new home. Thanks to people for stepping up for these animals and contacting the right groups who can help. Blessings Florence for a happy home.


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