Poor Gus: Rescued stray with shoelace embedded in his neck

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An emergency plea went out in Houston earlier in the week when an animal advocate spotted a dog in  dire need of help; his head swollen to at least twice its normal size and wandering the neighborhood scavenging for food and relief from his pain.


On her social media page, Laura Jean cried out for help:

“SOS!!! Dead dog walking he wouldn’t come to me and I was only pushing him into traffic. Thanks to all the cars who didn’t stop who could’ve helped me get him to safety. He was last seen going into an apartment complex and I gave my info to some residents. One said he is usually around but in the back. I was unable to find him. If anyone can dedicate some time to look for him, please let me know

This dog will need foster, rescue and lots of pledges if he is found again. Southeast Houston – 77048.”


Posted by Laura Jean on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

And within moments rescuers volunteered. No one knew how long the dog, now dubbed Gus, had been wandering in the area; no one knew if he even had a family somewhere looking for him, but less than one day later, as compassionate rescuers searched the area, Gus was spotted in the back of a nearby apartment complex. A trap was set up and then Gus was saved.

Houston K-911 Rescue rushed Gus to the Vergi 24/7 Veterinary Hospital where staff stated it was one of the worst cases of neglect and cruelty they have ever seen. On Wednesday night, Gus was able to sleep with little or no pain. He has been placed on intravenous for hydration with heavy pain medications and a rigorous course of antibiotics.

“After Gus is stabilized, he will be sedated and the wound will be cleaned and examined for the extent of the damage. They tell us this will likely happen early morning. The vet has serious concerns about trachea damage and other tissues or organs. Blood work has been ordered and we are hoping for good results.”

Gus’  rescue story is just beginning; we hope it ends happily. This dog has a long road to recovery. To help with his medical care, donations can be called into the hospital at 713.932.9589 or donate at houston911rescue.org/donate.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Although Gus has a long road ahead of him, he is safe and will be taken care of and when ready put up for adoption and receive the loving family he should have.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Prayers, blessings and love to this little sweetheart, all his rescuers and caregivers! Please keep us posted on how he is doing!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Please catch the lowlife pos that tied a shoelace around Gus’s neck. Hang in there Gus and please dear boy survive so you can be adopted into a forever loving family home. The animal torturing monster/s who are responsible for this sadism and evilness committed against precious Gus, I pray they suffer the vilest of cruelty and suffering that innocent Gus has endured. What is wrong with the human species. They are getting more sadistic and callous against the precious and innocent animals and they must be stopped. And the only way of stopping these animal torturing monsters is to eradicate the lowlife animal torturing monsters from our planet.
    All animal torturers and abusers must be eradicated from our planet, no questions asked just kill the vile and evil animal torturing monsters.
    I am thinking of you Gus. Bless you sweet boy.

    • Tammy whitmire says:

      I agree, these animal torturing monsters should be out in prison for life! Animals are innocent they have no voice, the cruelest creatures are humans, Animals have feelings too! Their GODS creatures.

  4. Sandra Ware says:

    OMG, when I saw this my heart dropped into my stomach , I hope laws get stricter on criminals that so these heinous crimes on animals.

    I just can’t believe what his world has to, nothing but a bunch of evil sadistic people that only hold hate in there hearts.
    I hope Gus makes a speedy recovery and learns to trust again and know we are not all cruel human beings.
    Gus is a beautiful soul and anyone would love to have him he is a very special dog.
    I feel in love with him soon as I saw him in this story.
    I hope the people who do these heartless crimes burn in hell with no mercy.
    Take car Gus your a great dog and anyone would be proud to give you a loving forever home you deserve it baby boy.
    We all love you Gus hang in there, may God protect you with his protective white light ,God Bless you Gus.


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