Police search for boy's kidnapped cat

Police help boy who wrote touching note about stolen cat, ‘Nana’

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A police officer in Saskatoon, Canada, has reached out to the public for help in finding a stolen cat named Nana. Const. Patrick Skinnider turned to social media after receiving a touching note from the cat’s 11-year-old owner who explained that the cat was stolen.

The strange story

On September 13, Const. Skinnider explained the cat “tail” in a Facebook post:

Today, I took a report which will touch the hearts of all animal lovers and I’m asking the community to assist in reuniting an eleven year old boy with his beloved three year old Calico cat.

In the boy’s note, he explained that Nana was taken during the night on August 16. Constable Skinnider wrote:

Between 3 and 5 am an unknown person took ‘Nana’. Mom was awoken to a panic stricken cat meowing for help. Mom looked out her ground floor patio doors to see a figure running north from the apartment building towards 8th St East. Nana was a quiet homebound cat that loved to lay and sleep on the patio.

The boy’s note

“Dear Mr. Main Chief of Saskatoon Police,

Policeman came to our school last year and said that any boy or girl can ask police for help if they need it or if they get in trouble.

My parents can’t help me so I am writing you a letter because I need help.

My friend Nana was taken on Aug.16. Nana is my cat. At night we heard Nana meowing for help. Mom went on the deck to check and saw a person running away. Nana did not come back.

I made posters and my dad helped me to hang them in our area. We went to SPCA and made a lost cat report. My mom also put an ad on Facebook and Kijiji.

I saved $150 dollars this year and wanted to buy Nana from this kidnapper. It is probably not enough money.

Dad, Mom and I are looking around the area every night and evening for last 3 weeks. I am very scared that kidnappers hurt Nana and toss her away. I am scared for her because winter is soon.

I told my school friends that I am writing a letter to you and they are teasing me. They said that nobody cares to look for my cat.

I believe you always help everyone who needs help and can’t protect themselves. Nana can’t protect herself and she hopes I save her. Please help me save Nana!!!!!


The investigation

The boy has not been dismissed by the authorities – in fact, they have investigated his claim and found that the boy’s mother has confirmed the details.

Helping and the details

Nana is a microchipped cat. Nana was taken in the area of 8th Street East and McKercher Drive.

Please contact Cst. Skinnider #664 if you locate Nana.


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6 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I truly hope that Nana is found and returned to Michael and his family.

    I know that I would be absolutely hysterical with fear and worry if one of my precious treasures were stolen…….

    Thank you very much to the officers in the police department for not dismissing Michael’s letter.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Many blessings to you, Michael, your family and Nana, and prayers for her safe return. PLEASE give us updates on the search for Nana!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    This is heartbreaking!!! I hope for the Best Outcome for this little family to the North of Us…. Why has our world come To this Type of Shit I don’t Know… It is a very had lesson for an 11 year old boy to have to endure… As for the students at his school shaming and teasing him… What the HELL go’s on up there … TEACHERS ! TEACHERS ! SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT DO YOUR JOBS!!! SHAME ON “YOU”!! I am Damn Proud of your Local Police Department … We should be so Lucky down here in the States!!

  4. Sue says:

    I will pray for him to get Nana back. I had a true miracle in getting a dog back 42 years ago, after being told simply to believe. I threw all doubt out the window and believed my dog would be returned to me, and it was by supernatural means, no people involved, that he was returned, on Christmas eve, no less. It’s too long to try to explain here, but I would ask that boy not to lose faith.

  5. Adrienne says:

    If nothing else, the police department should be commended for their dedication to helping this young boy who took the time to write. Horrible friends to make fun of the letter he wrote. Shows how much love and caring this young boy has compared to his stone cold friends. If teachers overheard what was said, they should have intervened and made it a teaching lesson of caring for animals.
    I truly hope this boy one way or another finds his cat and can move on and maybe get another one to give his love to. Please let us know if there are any sightings since this cat is micro chipped and if found, should show up. These parents are raising a loving,caring and devoted son and should be proud of him.


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