Police dog lost teeth

Police dog loses most of his teeth while apprehending suspect

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A police dog in Santa Ana, California, has lost most of his teeth after apprehending a fleeing suspect. According to the Sacramento Bee, the eight-year-old Dutch shepherd, Puskas, was injured on Monday while helping to apprehend a man in Irvine.

In the midst of capturing the suspect, Puskas lost all but his canines; the Santa Ana Police Department updated Facebook followers about the incident:

“Due to large response about #SantaAnaPD#K9 Puskas we are providing an #update– During last night’s suspect apprehension Puskas lost all of his upper & lower teeth, w/ the exception of his canine teeth. He is currently in surgery @yorbaregionalah to repair the damage💙#SAPDPIO”

Puskas made it through surgery and was able to head home to recuperate. On Tuesday, the Department wrote:

For his selflessness & bravery through it all VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital awarded #SAPDK9 Puskas 💜 👍🏼 Getting ready to head home! Stay tuned …

Puskas made capturing suspect Antonio Padilla Jr., possible – the man is accused of carjacking and nearly running over a police officer, in addition to violating his parole.

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Posted by WVTM 13 on Monday, February 26, 2018

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7 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Exactly what did this suspect do to injure Puskas so terribly? Whatever he did his loser ass should be held responsible for ALL the dental work this dog needs. Puskas is a member of the Santa Ana police force and his injuries should be treated exactly as any human police officer would receive. I hope he fully recovers and is retired with full benefits just like any cop would be entitled to.

  2. vicki Hood says:

    This doesn’t track. Puskas didn’t get his proper teeth cleaning or even inspection. or he wouldn’t have had all but canines pulled. Removal of front, back, upper and lower is typical tooth rot from not cleaning. No injury was reported to cause almost total tooth loss. Department too cheap to take care of Puskas hygiene those 8 years of service? Puskas will retire no doubt. He deserves to retire with those that love him and become part of the family.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Death don’t come out that easily and that many. Dog may have had dental issues prior BUT this police department should fix this dog up with his teeth and then retire him.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    STRANGE!!!! If there was no signs of Physical Altercation… this Gentleman Dog Officer may have had a peridontial infection the Issue here…. He needs retired with a pension, a good and loving home and plenty of attention and care!!! AS HE SO BRAVELY DESERVES!!!


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