Police defend using 50,000 volt tasers on dogs in disturbing videos

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Seven disturbing videos released to the public showing dogs writhing in agony after police in New Zealand used 50,000 volt tasers have shocked animal advocacy organizations and concerned citizens. New Zealand Police Superintendent Chris Scahill has defended the use of the tasers, stating they are only used on dogs when it is absolutely necessary to protect the safety of police or of the general public.

According to  One News Now, the distressing footage shows the dogs being shocked. SPCA Andre Midgen’s chief executive says she has serious concerns about police using tasers on dogs and when they deem it necessary. She also stated any dog tasered should be immediately treated by a licensed veterinarian. A 50,000 volt taser is used to bring a full grown man down – one can only imagine the “serious concerns” advocacy groups have expressed.

“In a high pressure, time-sensitive situation, and without canine behaviour training for the police, it is possible that in certain circumstances that this is the safest course of action,” Ms. Midgen admitted, but added that “it is potentially dangerous to use a Taser on an animal, just as it is with humans.”

Scahill claims using a taser is safer than using a gun. Police have not reached out for any advice on using this on animals, but claim there have not been any serious injuries or deaths to dogs.

In one of the videos, police are shown arriving at a home where the man urged his dog to attack. First deputies tried to stop the dog with pepper spray as it sprinted towards the officers. The officers then used a taser to bring the dog to a very painful halt. The other videos also show aggressive dogs approaching police – once the dogs were tasered, they stopped.

The US company for taser manufacturing, agrees a dog can be killed after being tasered, but also contends it has been an effective option when dealing with aggressive animals; however admits it may be fatal to smaller animals.

(Photos screenshots via videos and One News Now)


The videos are disturbing, but can be watched by following this link.

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10 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is horseshit all the way around – no way is there any defense for treating an animal so cruelly. Everyone of those idiot cops including Christ Scahill need to get a 50000 volt so they can experience exactly the same pain these poor dogs did. New Zealand needs a major wake up call now that it is known world wide the lousy treatment New Zealand inflicted on innocent animals – what a bunch of animal abusers this country employs.

  2. Kathy says:

    Let them be tased with 50,000 volts and see how it feels! Why don’t they have animal behavior training first before resorting to using tasers. If an animal is killed I would definitely be suing!

  3. Stephen Phillips says:

    UTTER BULLSHIT: If you MUST use a taser, employ one with multiple settings and set it for the LOWEST possible (read that: NON-LETHAL) amount of current!

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Are you ducking kidding me????? Use those tasers on those police officers. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for this. This has to STOP NOW. STUPID ASSHOLES.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I agree with the lower settings, the minimum volts should be used to stop either a human or an animal although sometimes there is no time to adjust the volts. At least it seems to be better than a bullet to the head.

  6. Red says:

    I absolutely DO NOT AGREE with this. However…. these dogs all have collars…meaning they are someone’s pet. If you contain your pet and do not let them run loose or escape you house or yard that would also help. But for strays, or dogs that are lost and scared this is NOT a solution…not 50,000 volts!!!!!!
    Try it on the officers, see how well they do.

  7. pamela bolton says:

    Let’s use it on the cops and get first-hand knowledge of how it feels. If it hurts them or does any harm. this is one sick bunch of HUMANS. If you can’t handle a dog that is scared, GET ANOTHER JOB.


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