Pleading foster homes needed

Pleading: Foster pets somewhere to go because family is moving

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A Texas family is pleading for help for multiple foster animals at their home – Stacey and her husband, David, have taken in numerous cats and dogs who have been abandoned near their property, but now they need somewhere to go because of an upcoming move.

The situation

Stacey explained:

We are appealing to you, as we are in desperate need of help for several foster dogs and cats we have.  My husband and I were planning to relocate from SETX to the Asheville, NC area next summer.  However, life through us a curve ball when I lost my job two months ago due to cutbacks.  So, we decided to push our move to NC up quite a bit.  Fortunately, I have secured a job, but I am due to start 11/1/18, and we have not been able to find permanent homes for these sweet babies here.

The family had hoped to find foster homes for the cats and dogs in North Carolina…but every rescue agency in the area is maxed out because of the hurricane which hit not long ago.

Stacey added:

We are looking at properties with acreage and fencing there, but we’re not sure we’ll be able to get into our new home as soon as we arrive.  We thought about boarding them, but since I’ve not worked in two months, and unemployment isn’t very much…we don’t think we can afford to board them and our own personal pets.



The family is desperate – they have to move, but can’t take these animals with them. The cats and dogs need to find somewhere safe to go…and the clock is ticking. Ideally, some or all of the cats and dogs could be placed before the move…if not, Stacey has set up a Facebook donation site to help raise funds for boarding – click here to access.

You can help

You have the ability to help in multiple ways…offer to donate funds for boarding, open your home to foster one of the in need cats or dogs, or network this article to reach more people.

Questions and offers to help can be directed to:  email or 409-920-9691.

The animals

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Don’t worry, I’m here for you!

A hug…


10 replies
    • Stacey says:

      We have a fundraiser set up on Facebook, for which we’ve received a few donations. The link is in the article. Thank you!

  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Most of what I have seen of people in Texas.. these SIMPLY HAVE to be CARING PEOPLE!!! As there is a Super Large Portion of the Population that would have just up and Left these little animals to starve or dump them at the landfill either dead or alive if not along the highways in route!!! I hope a Rescue will Take some COMPASSION , and Come to The rescue!!! Even Rescues in Colorado which is very Animal Friendly… These PEOPLE NEED TO HAVE JOBS YET THE ARE DECENT and( DO NOT REPEAT ) DUMP THEIR FOSTER PETS !!! JESUS!!! TEXAS Just because YOU Governor Has NO Gumption for Saving the rescues and needy Pets. That doesn’t mean YOU all have to Follow!!!

    • Stacey says:

      Thank you! We don’t want them to die. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t mind keeping all of them if we had a place to keep them while we find a permanent home set up for large dogs.

    • Stacey says:

      The plan is to take them when we leave next week. But as of this moment, we will have to go into a rental until we can close on the sale of our current home and buy another one. Haven’t found a rental yet that will allow us to keep this many animals.

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    I feel for you I wish you could take them will be donating to you prayers for these animals will donate to you in hopes it helps get you a big piece of land for yourselves and these animals

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    Sending my Thoughts and Prayers for this couple to find placements for their group of fosters, whether permanent or temporary so that they can make their interstate move with peace of mind knowing their fur babies are still being loved and cared for while they are in transit, and also for sufficient donations to be made to help them cover boarding costs should enough appropriate placements not become available. Shared and will be donating.


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