Phoenix’s story: Dog dying in gutter turns out happiest of endings

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Phoenix’s story might not have had a happy ending had the timing been different, but when volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited showed up after they received an emergency call that a dog had been lying in a sewage ditch and drowning, the team of determined rescuers set forth on a mission to save a young dog.

Although Phoenix had only been lying in a foot of water, she was so very close to drowning.

Bubbles could be seen as her nose dipped below the water; her strength drained from her struggles and the intense pain she suffered. Perhaps five minutes later and left unattended, Phoenix would have died.

As she was lifted from beneath the sewer, her back leg hung lifelessly. She most likely had been struck by a vehicle which broke her leg. She had climbed into the shallow, cool water to ease her suffering and to stop the bleeding.

Once brought back to the emergency hospital at Animal Aid, veterinarians stated the young dog was in shock; her pulse weak and hypothermia had set in. Phoenix’s leg needed to be amputated; it was badly infected and necrotic, but she was too weak to undergo surgery. For days, her life hung in the heavens – it had been a balancing act to help her regain some of her strength, stave off the infection and keep her pain tolerable.

Three days later, Phoenix was ready to undergo surgery and have her sepsis leg amputated.

Fast forward to weeks later – no slowing down being a tripod. Make sure you watch the video to the end; smiles and more smiles are guaranteed.

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(Photos and video via Animal Aid Unlimited)

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7 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This group regularly performs miracles and we, in the USA, should strive to save more animals like this precious little treasure (instead of going for the ”easy euthanasia” solution as was done in Texas to that poor mother-2-b dog in Texas who was euthanized DURING labor to kill her & her puppies)…..

  2. Adrienne says:

    Animal Aid Unlimited again did an excellent job in saving another dog from death. Their dedication to saving dogs and other animals is so amazing.They do things to help the animals that we in the US don’t to save an animals life (especially like that incident in Texas that Bunny Peters mentioned). As much as we may complain about foreign countries and their treatment of animals, there are places like this that go above and beyond to save an animals life.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    THAT INCIDENT in TEXASS!!! NO LESS is ONE OF THE BARBARIC a dog in North KOREA , CHINA, or SOUTH AMERICA would be treated!!! That This BASTARD that Runs that TEXASS SHELETR/RESCUE reinforces to ME at LEAST just HOW LOW TEXASS CAN & DID GO!!! THIS ASSHOLE SHOULD have been run off the site of this ORGANIZATION & I suspect he may have even GOTTEN A RAISE from the Administrators !!!


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