Petunia made us cry, yet despite her condition her tail happily wags

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Meet Petunia; her shelter photo made us cry on Thursday. Just look at her; eyes closed, skin burning red and itchy. The young dog had been found wandering in a desolate area scavenging for food. Animal control officers brought her to the shelter in Moreno Valley. Despite her condition, her tail happily wags.

Severe neglect has her covered in demodectic mange  and skin infections, Petunia is hardly the “doggy in the window” families come to the shelter to adopt. Stories like Petunia’s happen much too often, but this time, Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue intervened, and one happy little pooch was on her way to safety. Along with the generous help from Hope for Paws, Petunia makes her freedom debut:



After veterinarian treatment for her condition, baths with special shampoos, topicals, supplements and a good diet, even a few days has made a marked improvement on Petunia’s health. Rescue founder, Kelly Reeves, posted an update on Sunday:

“Miss Petunia stylin’ in her PPITS shirt! It’s a little big on her, but we didn’t want it to rub her skin too much. She’s still super itchy and scratching, which is creating wounds that could cause additional infection…”

And as with girls and their clothes, Petunia donned a new look just hours later – pajamas sent by one of her new fans.

We will be following this girl’s journey back to health and post more photos as her skin improves, her coat grows back and guaranteed she turns into a beautiful dog – all the time with her tail happily wagging.

Want to help? Want to become involved?

“We are looking for some compassionate friends to help us save lives by opening their homes to an animal in need! We can’t save lives without loving foster homes, so if you’re located in S. California and don’t mind a furry friend crashing at your pad for a bit, let us know! We cover all medical, provide supplies, provide training if necessary, and network our rescue pets via online services and live adoption events.”

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4 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    How “Simply a Miracle” for Southern California and this very deserving and loving little dog that deserves so Much BETTER in Her Short LIFE to be given a SECOND CHANCE and having a loving and caring family… This post restores a little hope … that There are truly caring individuals after all in the State of California ( that I refer to as the Guppy State).. Your Organization is Caring as well as the Vet who has undertaken this case of Horrific Abuse and Giving MISS PETUNIA the care and encouragement to look forward to a NEW & HAPPY HOME!!!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    Sending and sharing with so much love to this sweet adorable little girl to find a loving and care family to give her a second chance


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