Puppy died inside of cage left in the sun

Owners let this beautiful shepherd puppy die in cage left in extreme heat

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The owners of a beautiful German shepherd puppy have been cited for allowing the pup to die of heatstroke after being left outside in a cage. According to WKRN News, the 12-week-old puppy died on Saturday after being left in the intense heat without shade or water.

The horrible situation

Hany Mehany told the news agency that his wife put the puppy outside with water and claims that the puppy somehow got into the cage and died while they were away from home.Puppy died in cage

The puppy, named Scooby, was a gift to their 10-year-old child, who is distraught about the death. The family claims that the situation is a terrible accident – animal control has cited the wife for the puppy’s death.

The conditions on the day of the puppy’s death

The young shepherd pup died on a day when the temperature climbed to the 90s in Nashville. Someone noticed the puppy in distress on Saturday and reached out to Metro Animal Services. Officers had to jump a fence to reach the caged pup who was already dying from the heat. Though efforts were made to cool Scooby down, the damage was done. A necropsy on his body revealed a core body temperature of 112-degrees 30 minutes after his death.

Statement from animal control

MACC field supervisor Sue Baker told the news agency, “This dog would have lived with proper shade, water, and care.” Adding, “This is absolutely an avoidable death of an animal.”

The news agency reports that the puppy’s family is “actively” seeking another German shepherd puppy.

(Screenshot via wkrn news)

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20 replies
  1. Red says:

    This family SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET ANOTHER PUPPY……….THEY ARE TOO FREAKING STUPID TO OWN A PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a cage, why couldn’t he had been left inside the home? YOU FREAKING IDIOTS….. you kill one animal so just go get another? HELL NO!!! Their vile names should be on a National Registry of Abuse and not allowed another pet!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    These ignorant idiots do not deserve to ever be anywhere near another animal. They proved their stupidity and lack of concern is the reason this little puppy died. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that leaving an animal out in 90 degree heat can cause death yet these brain dead redneck assholes will never learn and another dog will die due their stupidity. I am so sick and tired of people who consider animals disposable objects and this fool family wants another dog which they should never be allowed to have.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    “The puppy somehow got into the cage”? I know that German Shepherds are smart but I have yet to see one get into a crate and lock it’s self in. Anyway you look at it, you don’t leave your home and leave a defenseless puppy outside in the yard to begin with. The worse part is the WKRN News report this family is looking for another pup to replace this precious soul. If they are no smarter than this, they shouldn’t be allowed to own one! Rest in peace Scooby, I’m so sorry you landed in the wrong family.

  4. Adrienne says:

    This family must have left this dog in a cage locked. I see no way that this puppy could have locked himself in and why was he outside alone? Where were they that this happened? Nothing in this article clarifies that information nor why they left this pup outside, unsupervised while they were out? How long were they out that a neighbor had to contact the police. This family does not have any remorse for what they did nor should they have the opportunity to have another dog, definitely not another puppy. They should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen. Could have left the dog inside the house in the cage with the AC on in the house and inside the cage,food & water. At least the pup would have survived even if the water was turned over and food went all over the place. Being cool would have kept this pup alive.

  5. Christine Brown says:

    These sort of people should never be allowed to ever having a dog again.
    These sort of people are thick as 2 short planks.
    These sort of people should had left the dog in the house with plenty of water and food

  6. Star Shelley says:

    What the hell is wrong with irresponsible people, I just dont get it. They should put themself in a cage and stay outside to see how they like it and survive. Assholes. RIP. Sorry sweetie that your owners failed you.

  7. Mary Ann Clark says:

    This needs a severe punishment with mandatory jail time! I think that this is also a case of child abuse and this child needs social services to really investigate!

  8. Carol Reed says:

    Why would these ignorant people leave a 3 month old BABY outside in the excessive heat???? RIH, Scooby, I am so sorry these ignorant people let you down, your innocent life ultimately paid the price for their stupidity.

  9. Cathleen says:

    Unbelievably stupid of the owners. No one believes that this beautiful pup crawled into the cage by itself. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the pup was left intentionally in that cage outside in 90• heat.
    There’s no way in hell that these people should get another dog! They are simply too fucking stupid and negligent. They should be listed on a National Registry of animal abusers and not allowed to get another dog. EVER.


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