Owners could not afford their border collie so shot him with BB gun

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The owners of a border collie could no longer afford their dog, and so they shot him with a BB gun in the Flanders section of Mount Olive, New Jersey on Saturday. Keith Ropp, 26, and his girlfriend Carly McBride, 24, shot the dog named Scout six times with a BB gun.

According to the USA Today, Ropp and McBride leashed up the 10-year-old friendly dog and walked him into the woods and shot him. When Scout did not die, the couple took him to Flanders Veterinary Clinic where the veterinarian Dr. Nicholas Minervini found two bullets in Scout’s body after taking X-rays.

Dr. Minervini stated the couple’s story sounded suspicious and called police. While being questioned, several BB pellets fell out of Ropp’s pockets. He admitted he and his girlfriend could not afford the dog and were “taking him on his last walk before either putting him down or dropping him off at a shelter.” Scout had been registered to one of McBride’s relatives, however had been in the care of the couple who stated they had been trying to find the dog a new home, but had no success because of Scout’s age.

When the couple had not been successful shooting the dog with a .177 caliber BB gun, and Scout didn’t die, they took him to the vet because he was in pain. Both have been charged with the possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and the unlawful possession of a handgun.

Scout continues to recover at the Flanders Veterinary Clinic and obviously has become a favorite there. He is a very sweet dog, gets along with other dogs and even likes cats. The BBs will not be surgically removed even though one is lodged in the soft tissue near his heart and one is in his neck, Scout is not expected to suffer any complications.

Photos courtesy of Flanders Veterinarian Clinic.

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Hilarious temper tantrum!


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  1. Shoot these imbeciles in the head with a BB gun until they are in the pain they left this poor dog in. Hope Scout finds a loving forever home that will love him until his natural end.

    • I work at Flanders Veterinary Clinic. Scout will be adopted by one of the veterinarians here, Dr. Gasparro. He is “fostering” him until the criminal case is resolved. Scout is an amazing dog with an amazing new family! I am blessed to spend days at work with him as he is a kind and gentle dog.

  2. What a disgusting couple, I hope they throw the book at these POS’s. They couldn’t afford the dog so they shot him and then I suppose they can afford the vet bill from their stupidity? b

  3. So, because THEY couldn’t afford him, they chose to kill him rather than take him to a shelter or rescue?

    Please, someone shoot these bastards dead before the make any babies that grow up to be just like them!!!!!!

    I hope Scout finds a great home and that the scum who tried to kill him get what they deserve.

  4. I have no words for these moronic lowlifes except throw the book at them. My Thoughts and Prayers for precious Scout thst he will heal and recover well from this horrid trauma, be relieved of pain and find a loving furever home – which every deserves their whole life.

  5. It’s wonderful to read that Scout already has a foster-to-adopt home with one of the Vets. So much better than his previous owners.


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