Owner shot dog in head with crossbow because he broke his chain

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The man who shot his dog over the weekend in the head with an arrow from his crossbow in Jones County, Mississippi after the dog broke its chain and eluded capture, has been arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Shawn Nichols, 26, allegedly admitted to authorities he shot the dog intending to kill it.

According to the Facebook page of the Southern Cross Animal Rescue, photos of the dog, now named Monk, with the arrow through his head had been shared over social media. Rescue teams and the Jones County Sheriff’s Department were able to capture the dog and rushed him to emergency surgery. Fortunately the arrow had not penetrated the dog’s skull; instead it had become lodged in the muscle on top of the dog’s head.

Authorities found a bow target at Nichols’ home and confirmed he owned the crossbow. The press release from the Jones County Sheriff’s Department included the following information:

“The deputies were able to get a phone number off of the dog’s collar. They called and determined the dog owner was Shawn Nichols, 26 of Laurel. When they arrived at Nichols’ residence they noticed a bow target in the backyard and asked Nichols if he owned a crossbow, he said he did. Nichols also admitted to shooting the dog with the crossbow because he had broken his chain and would not allow Nichols to catch it. Nichols went on to say he thought the arrow would kill the dog and did not mean for it to suffer.

Nichols was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty – 1st offense, which is a misdemeanor. Nichols will appear at Jones County Justice Court on July 10, 2018 at 1pm for a plea hearing.”


Monk continues to recover and has been placed in a foster home.

“SCAR-Southern Cross Animal Rescue The vet guessed his age to be 3-4 years old (it’s hard to know for sure bc of so many of his teeth being worn completely down). He’s a very calm, stoic, and gentle dog. He has not yet been tested with other dogs. The jury seems to be out on whether he is a Catahoula Cur or a bluetick mix.”

If you want to donate to Monk’s care, you can donate on PayPal here:

Or mail donations to
PO BOX 2007
Laurel Ms

(Photos of dog shot with arrow from crossbow via Facebook SCAR)

Get well soon Monk. You are a lucky guy and we wish you the best.

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12 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    Does anyone even WONDER why this poor soul shook his chain and ran from this cretin?
    I volunteer – hell, I’d even PAY – to be the one to sink his own crossbolt, right between this F*KWAD’S eyes!

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    I hope the abuse laws on animals changes soon this guy should get the book thrown at him big guy hurting a defenseless animal hope you proud of yourself he would not let you catch him because you abused him before and was scared of you I hope you rot in hell

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    ONE THING for SURE MONK is ONE LUCKY DOG!!! I believe he was placed here with a mission that has not been completed!!! AS for Shawn Nichols HE needs to be “FISH FOOD” for the Fish in the Mississippi River…. It would be no Loss to Society!!! He doesn’t need To Spawn and reproduce EVIL such as He IS!!!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Now there is a good reason to shoot your dog, because he broke his chain (dog should never have been chained in the first place) and after all “he thought the arrow would kill the dog and did not mean for it to suffer”? I hope and pray that Monk finds a loving home and Shawn Nichols gets to spend some time in jail thinking about what an idiot he is!

  5. Adrienne says:

    As punishment, use the same crossbow on him in his head and see how he does. Put him away and take away any guns he has.

  6. J. Martin says:

    Tie the low life BASTARD POS .. to a tree. And fire off several arrows at him.
    Hopefully several connect and kill him

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Shawn Nichols proved what a useless sack of shit he is – Monk broke his chain, so trying to kill him with a crossbow makes sense – only to this douchebag. So glad Monk survived and is safe. This Nichols maggot needs a severe lesson taught to him – hogtie his useless ass and dump him in the nearest landfill – let him rot among the rest of the damn trash.

  8. Red says:

    This monster needs something wonderfully PAINFULLY done to him by KARMA. Hope he finds out shooting ANY animal is not a way of teaching, correcting or reprimanding a pet! IDIOTIC, VILE, MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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