Owner of ‘severely neglected’ dog reports pet ‘dead’ but …

A small dog that officials say was discovered severely neglected at the owner’s property on Monday afternoon, March 19. Photo courtesy Riverside County Department of Animal Services
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In Riverside, California, the owner of a “severely neglected” dog all tangled in his coat and infested with maggots that his owner claimed was dead, is alive and  recuperating. The eight-year-old Lhaso Apso is currently under the care of veterinarians at the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter.

According to Riverside County Animal Services, on Monday afternoon the dog was rescued from a home on Irving Street. Spokesperson for the Department of Animal Services, John Welsh stated the dog’s owner, who has not been identified, called to report his dog had died and asked someone to come over and remove the dog’s body. When an officer arrived, the man had changed his story and stated the dog was not behaving as usual and refused to eat.

When the officer found the dog, she had been hiding under a bush; her coat was so matted together, the dog appeared to be “a clump of tangled hair.” The owner relinquished his rights to the dog, and she was rushed to the shelter for treatment. Veterinarians and technicians shaved away her coat, finding her paws had been stuck in the tangled mass of hair, and a cocoon of maggots had infected the entire area around her rectum.

“This dog suffered in this condition, and it’s just terrible to allow a breed of this type to go this long without proper grooming,” stated Sgt. Dylan Gates of Animal Services. “Grooming a Lhasa Apso is not just for looks. It is imperative to get the grooming done regularly to ensure the dog’s health too.”

The owner had not groomed his dog in a year. An animal cruelty investigation is now underway and charges are expected. The dog may be available for adoption after she recuperates or could be transferred to a breed specific rescue organization.

(Photos and video of severely neglected dog courtesy of Riverside County Animal Shelter)

Check out the video: angels are everywhere.

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  1. Give up your dog if you can’t get him/her groomed. Explain to a vet or shelter and maybe they could help, but don’t leave you pet in this horrendous condition.

  2. HEY!!!!! I have to say AWESOME JOB out there RIVER SIDE ANIMAL SERVICES!!! There are a lot of places in your State of California that would have Euthanized here almost immediately………. I from out West Too Commend The Staff and Administration::: Just look at the beauty this little girl is and hopefully they will do the same AWESOME JOB of finding this little beauty a LOVING HOME!!! She so Deserves… her former owner deserves to be in jail:: but then again he could have just dumped her or killed her so he must not be pure Evil!!

  3. I hope this useless excuse of a human is NEVER ALLOWED ANOTHER PET. This persons name needs to be placed on a National Registry to not be allowed to adopt, purchase or rescue an animal!!!!

  4. I hope they’re going to charge this vile POS and put him in jail where he belongs. Anyone who’d allow this to happen to their dog belongs behind bars.

    OMG!!!! This is so INEXCUSABLE! It IS possible to allow their hair to grow (after being groomed) and keep it long, I let my Lhasa’s hair grow long, and admittedly, I’m the only person I know with a dog like him who does, because it’s beautiful and it took me a long time to get his coat and skin in good shape after I adopted him. I also brush him regularly and trim the areas that need regular trimming (eyes, feet, private area). Properly cared for, such a coat is beautiful. If you don’t, the gnots quickly get out of control. But it is NOT hard to brush!

    I hope they never let this maggot have another pet, and as far as I’m concerned, they should lock this filth up and throw away the key.


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