Owner left dog tethered to rail in backyard after being evicted

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A Lancaster, Pennsylvania dog owner tethered his dog to a handrail in the backyard of the home and left after being evicted from the residence. Gregory R. Butzer, 36, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

According to FoxNews, authorities found the senior black Labrador retriever on Monday after area residents had complained about a barking dog at the vacant home. The dog had become tangled in the tether and was barely able to move. She also had sores on her behind and suffered from both ear and eye infections. A veterinarian examination proved the dog had been left untreated and in pain for an extended period of time.

Butzer has been charged with three counts of animal neglect, one count of animal cruelty and dog law violations.

There has been no update on the dog’s condition.

(Photo of accused who abandoned dog after being evicted via police photo)

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5 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    WHAT a Worthless POS!!! low life SOB as Pennsylvania is NOT Great on Rescues, and with charging and following thru with hundreds, and hundreds, of cases of abuse, abandonment issues, neglect, torture,. This Scum Bag will probably walk away and the senior Labrador Will be Put down… This state and the individuals living there has become Totally ambivalent to the Crisis mode They are allowing to keep growing un addressed and the Animals that continue to suffer at the hands of Scum like this guy over and over again!!!

  2. PAMELA D says:

    I would love to knock the smirk off this ugly bastard’s face and beat the shit out of him. Did these assholes ever think about it how would they like to be abused when they were a baby? Maybe if they weren’t so mentally sick and thought about it they wouldn’t do it. Rot in hell.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Lancaster, probably an Amish person and they think of animals as property and nothing else. Just like an old couch left at the curb. I hope they prosecute him and throw him in jail for a long time!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Tether him to a pole and leave him there to rot in hell, which is where this scum belongs. Why do vile monsters do this to their animals? You don’t want your dog anymore, take it to a shelter and say you found it wandering on the road and have no idea who he belongs to. Cowards that can’t even do this much to help their dog. Laws have to be stricter and harsher punishments, not these slap on the wrist stuff.


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