Owner ‘didn’t have no time for the vet’ so he shot his dog in the head

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The teenage owner of a young dog told a Missouri deputy he “didn’t have no time for the vet” so he shot his dog in the head and left her lying in the dirt to die. On Wednesday, Harley Mobley was arrested.

According to a news release from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, Harley Mobley, 18, faces  felony animal abuse charges.

“On October 16, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office took a report of animal abuse from Unleashed Pet Rescue regarding a female pit bull who was found in the area of Highway 240 and Ben Garth Road, just outside the city of Slater. The dog had suffered injuries to the head from a gunshot. It was reported representatives of the Slater animal pound had found the dog wounded on October 9 and it was picked up by the rescue organization on October 12 for additional treatment.

As a result of the investigation, Slater resident Harley Mobley has been charged with the Class E Felony of Animal Abuse. Bond is set a $7,500 cash only.”


The rescue group, located in Mission, Kansas, has been caring for the dog now named Gloria. She had been shot “point blank” in the side of her face, and the spray of gunshot pellets entered one side of her face and exited out the other. She also had pellets in her abdomen.

Gloria has since been recovering from surgery and will require more operations, however the group is optimistic the sweet dog will be available for adoption soon.

As for Mobley’s reasons for shooting his dog, he originally told deputies he had given the dog away because “he had a puppy and Gloria (dog’s name was Zara at that time) and Zara played too rough. Mobley’s story later changed:

“I shot Zara because she was attacking my dog and I thought she was showing early signs of Rabies. So I thought I’d put her down but I guess I didn’t and didn’t have no time for the vet that morning.”

That’s when Mobley took Zara to a gravel road and shot her with a borrowed gun.

(Photos of Gloria and “no time for the vet” photo  via Unleashed Pet Rescue)

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A survivor’s story

9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Use that borrowed gun on this scum but make sure he is shot between his eyes and becomes an invalid and never be able to do any harm to another animal.

  2. Renée says:

    Low life piece of trash! Let the punishment fit the crime! This doushebag needs a bullet to his head and lay on a dirt road to suffer!! Sickening how some people treat their pets. They need to take away his other puppy too!!!!!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    They Need to send this PUKE to a Prison full of dogs lovers, and let the whole facility Know what this NON HUMAN SCUM DID TO HIS DOG!!! Put a case of petroleum Jelly in the reck room and the guards go on a long break with the music on the loud speakers turned UP!!!! By By ASSHOLE!!!

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    Hmm, what a miserable lowlife and he’s still only a kid. He needs to get jailed for a long time and never be allowed anywhere another animal for life. The laws and penalties worldwide for animal abuse, torture, neglect and abandonment need to be rewritten and all penalties extremely harsh, no matter what the perpetrator has done or what their “reason” given. No leniency for anything considered mild abuse. They need to cop it hard for a long term and all of them never to access animals again.
    Thoughts and Prayers for this sweet precious little girl that she heals well and recovers fully both physically and emotionally from this horrid trauma so she can move on to have a wonderful life with her ideal furever family and always know she is loved and safe all her life. Prayers for the puppy he had too, that it will be taken from him and rehomed with a loving family also.


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