Owner charged after discovery of dead dog dumped in a suitcase

Police in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, have charged the owner of a dead dog who was found abandoned in a suitcase. According to WNEP News, 25-year-old Wilson Martinez, who owned the brown pit bull, is facing a charge of animal cruelty.

The accused man claims that the dog died because he couldn’t afford veterinary treatment.

Martinez claims that his dog, named Playboy, was sick with Parvo, and that he was unable to provide veterinary care. The accused man told the authorities that the dog died at home and after the smell became unbearable, he found a red suitcase to put the dog’s body into and then dumped it in a railroad bed not far from his home.

A necropsy was performed on Playboy’s body – there were no signs of a virus present in the dog’s body, but there were signs that the dog was malnourished and dehydrated, reported the Daily Item.

By the time a passerby found the discarded suitcase, the dog’s body was frozen solid – there was no evidence to suggest that Playboy was alive when he was packed into the suitcase and dumped.

Martinez is also facing a charge for “scattering rubbish.”

(Image via screenshot WNEP News)

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8 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Parvo? I highly doubt it. Why did he take a sick dog from a homeless family if he, himself couldn’t afford to take the dog to the vet? I don’t believe his story and certainly there are ways to dispose of your pet besides putting it in an old suitcase and leaving it in a railroad bed! Isn’t it amazing the stories these POS abusers can come up with.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Hopefully they will find Senor Martinez who is a lying Ethnic POS that has been PROVED by a Necropsy !!! These FACTS DON’T LIE like this SOB !!! I am sure an appropriate Trunk that can Accommodate Martinez so he can suffocate in his own vomit, and excretement having been locked up in there for a couple of days when the temperature reaches in the 80’s!!!! OLE Senior YOU DESERVE IT!!!



  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Wilson Martinez proved himself that he is nothing more than a lying sack of shit – he starved this dog with no concern whatsoever then thought he could lie his way through it – he deserves exactly what he gave to a poor dog – NO MERCY!


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