Owner accused of shooting paintballs at his own dogs

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In Burleigh County, North Dakota, deputies have accused a dog owner of shooting paintballs at his dogs on Tuesday evening. After responding to a complaint of dogs being shot with paintball guns, authorities found a brown dog with several orange paint marks on him.

According to  WestDakotaFoxNews, another dog had been shot in the head just above its eyes. The dogs belong to Corey Knippel, 28, who has been charged with animal abuse, a Class A misdemeanor. A witness to the situation heard one of the dogs yelp in pain after being hit with the paintball; Knippel yelled to the dog “that didn’t hurt.”

When interviewed by deputies from the Burleight County Sheriff’s Office, Knippel stated he wasn’t shooting at the dogs – rather he had been shooting the paintballs into the water for the dogs to chase them.

Bail for Knippel was set at $1,000. The dogs remain with him and the State’s Attorney is reviewing the case to determine what to do with the dogs.

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10 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    They leave the dogs with him??????????? What kind of justice system do they have up there? This guy sure doesn’t have any common sense and I don’t think he’s that bad a shot to say he was shooting at the water and hit the dogs. He’s also a liar!

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Get those poor dogs away from ASAP! How could they have allowed this sadist to keep those babies without being accessories to this abuse after the fact or in any new incidents?

  3. Red says:

    YOU IDIOTS!!! Now he will KILL those poor animals because he thinks he is in trouble because of them… get those dogs away from him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    North Dakota:: has had an influx of Bakken Oil Field Workers that last decade!!! It went from a quite state of farmers to Oil Field , drugs, alcohol, abuse , rapes, domestic violence!! Sad to say this ” Individual ” looks like he fits the profile of someone of this nature that gives everyone remotely related to this profession a BAD BAD Name!! I hope the authorities remove the dogs or they will continue to be mistreated..

  5. Bev Woodburn says:

    Kill this heartless psychopathic depraved animal torturing monster Corey Knippel. All animal torturing psychopathic depraved monsters must be put to death and suffer in agony as their defenceless and trusting victims endured.

    I am absolutely sickened by the unimaginable heinous atrocities committed against such defenceless and innocent animals by monsters like this lowlife Corey Knippel.
    This vile and evil bastard lowlife Corey Knippel is the filth on our planet. This monsters doesn’t deserve to breath the air of our planet. Kill this evil pos.

    The innocent dogs must be put up for adoption where they can go into a beloved and caring home.

  6. Ann says:

    This gentleman and his brother own 2 pit bulls. They have been reported numerous times for abuse and nothing has happened in the past because they are good liars. It is disgusting that they allow the dogs to live with him and his brother and his mother. They moved her from Montana when Corey was released from prison for killing a farmers donkeys for fun.


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