Overcrowded conditions but Clayton Co. Animal Control will not euth’ dogs

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Nearly a week ago, the Clayton Co. Animal Control posted the “final notice” for dogs that were scheduled to be humanely euthanized on Tuesday, June 19, because of overcrowded conditions.

According to 11AliveNews, none of the dogs would be euthanized on Tuesday. even though they have been in the shelter’s care anywhere from 83 to 102 days. Some of the dogs listed have been on the “urgent list” several times. Make sure to check these wonderful dogs out and share their stories with friends, family and social media contacts.

A001563** “Canada” (AC) – 40 lbs
A001585** “Ruby” (HQ) – 64 lbs
A001602* “Bruno” (AC) – 71 lbs
A001609* “Chopper” (AC) – 65 lbs – ADOPTED!
A001611* “Adrien” (AC) – 26 lbs – RESCUED!
A001646* “Rowdy” (HQ) – 51 lbs
A001654 “Spunkie” (AC) – 42 lbs
A001655 “Joey” (AC) – 49 lbs
A001686 “Brave” (HQ) – 54 lbs
A001687 “Doc” (HQ) – 48 lbs
A001699 “Thomas” (HQ) – 50 lbs
A001700 “Bill” (AC) – 57 lbs
A001702 “Buckyo” (AC) – 52 lbs
A001703 “Jean” (HQ) – 55-65 lbs “RESCUE ONLY”
A001705 “Muneco” (HQ) – 53 lbs “RESCUE ONLY”
A001708 “Alex” (AC) – 43 lbs
A001710 “Fred” (HQ) – 50 lbs
A001727 “Freeway” (HQ) – 41 lbs
A001606 “Edwin” (AC) – 58 lbs “RESCUE ONLY
A001739 “Haden” (HQ) – 41 lbs


Adoption Center
Address: 3199 Anvil Block Rd. Ellenwood, Georgia 30294
Phone: 770-347-0210

Animal Control Headquarters
Address: 1396 Government Circle, Jonesboro, GA 30236
Phone: 770-477-3509

If you would like to rescue or adopt one of the animals listed above, please email rescue.coordinator@claytoncountyga.gov or call the numbers listed above.

Link to “Anvil Block” Available Pets Album

Link to “Headquarters” Available Pets Album

We also post all of our animals on PetHarbor.com

Please share and help these dogs find loving homes. We can all make the difference. If interested in adopting, call 770.347.0210 or 770.477.3509.

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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10 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Thank YOU Clayton CO. for MAKING this Effort!!! I have more respect for your county and ANY Southern State down there!!! I know Denver Co doesn’t take Pit Bulls and a few other area’s there but they may take some of your other dogs… they adopt from several area’s around them… they may try and help you out… also How about Canada the EASTERN PART IT is Worth the try!!!

  2. slv says:

    Can’t some of these dogs be transferred to shelters or rescues where there are a shortage of dogs??? Certainly someone would be willing to check into this??

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hope these dogs get adopted or a rescue takes them.There has to be mandatory spay/neutering of our pets and if you breed a dog in your home, you can be brought up on criminal charges. We need to have better control of the animals in our country and euthanizing them must no be the first choice. Plenty of dogs/cats in shelters throughout the United States that there should be an end to backyard profit making breeders.

  4. Luana Duncan says:

    Wow!!! That’s wonderful 2 hear! I see a couple have been rescued an one adoption! I hope these next couple of days will bring forth some dog lovers 2 come forward an adopt!!! U are all in my prayers babies!!!


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