Puppy mill raid

Over 100 dogs removed from deplorable conditions – living in filth and darkness

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Over 100 dogs have been rescued from deplorable conditions at a suspected puppy mill operation in Rhea County, Tennessee. On Tuesday, the Rhea County Animal Shelter posted photos which show the horrific conditions the dogs had been living in and wrote:

As we speak our Animal Control Officers are removing 100+ Yorkies, Chihuahuas and other designer breed small dogs from the worst puppy mill situation we have ever seen. These poor animals have known nothing but living in their own filth and darkness.

The rescued dogs’ needs

According to the animal shelter, the extreme conditions at the breeding operation has resulted in all of the dogs needing medical care. Donations are being accepted on the dogs’ behalf:

Call: 423-775-2029

Mail checks, payable to ASA of Rhea to:
9118 Back Valley Road Evensville Tn 37332

A call for help

The animal shelter wrote:

RESCUES we need help placing these animals. We are having to set up emergency kennels and are in dire need of volunteers to help process these animals

No personal details about the owner/operator of the suspected puppy mill operation are being released at this time. All images via the Rhea County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

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Puppy mill heartbreak

3-legged dog rescued from puppy mill

6 replies
    • Sheri Disbrow says:

      My thoughts exactly!! Name & picture of the sub human trash running this sorry ass “DEATH CAMP” aka “PUPPY MILL”!!
      Guess they will have a bullshit sob story, receive a slap on the wrist!!

  1. Luana Duncan says:

    I dont understand why we allow puppy mills in the U.S!! They all seem to be unacceptable!! They should make it illegal to own a puppy mill!! I’m very glad they found this puppy milk and retrieved all the dogs!! I hope they are all ok an get all the medical attention they need!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    These puppy mill breeders need to be arrested and in jail for years and if released, prohibited from every having any animals. I hope and pray that these sweet innocent animals get healthy and can be adopted into loving forever homes. There must be federal crackdowns on these puppy missing throughout the United States. I am sure their whereabouts are known, so the authorities need to do their jobs and arrest these monsters who make money off the backs of innocent dogs.Examples must be made of these breeders so that there are no more animals are killed.

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    So sorry for all this dogs !! How can anyone do this too innocent dogs ???? Whish all a happies life in future ????????????????Good luck sweeties ????????????????????????Hugs from Sweden ????????????????

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    THE PUTRID SOUTHERN IS PROBABLY related to some LIKE “BOSS HOGG” or the Judge of this County in the Good Ole Boy state of TENNESSE!!! HORRIFIC!!!! HORRIFIC!!! EVIL BASTARDS DID THIS TO THOSE little PUPS.. Just look of the pictures of the water bowl covered in “SHIT! SHIT! & MORE SHIT! SLIME GREEN WATER… People down there have known about the Horror Chamber and have kept their Mouths SHUT!!! the whole law enforcement, Sheriff department, Humane Society , judicial, city counsel, and Vet Services NEEDS to BE INVESTIGATED …. They NEED TO SEND IN the FEDERAL ( FEDS) This is too Brutal for Words ,,, AND NOW THEY ARE PROTECTING the PERPS of this CRIME on HUMANITY!!


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