Outrageous: Lion kept in narrow glass box to amuse cafe customers

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A young lion kept in a narrow glass box to amuse cafe customers has caused social media outrage with viewers calling the action  animal cruelty. Experts contend holding the lion in a confined space causes unnecessary stress and suffering.

According to the Mirror, the cafe, called Mevzoo located in Istanbul, Turkey, has other animals including horses, birds, rabbits, flamingos and a crocodile and represents itself as being an animal rehabilitation center. Video appearing on Instagram showed the big cat pacing back and forth in a space barely wider than the lion himself. The lion followed a little girl on the other side of the glass as the child walked up and down. In another video, the cat followed a man walking by.

More than 2,700 people have signed a petition against the cafe keeping the animals so confined. One report stated customers could feed the lion through a small hole in the window.

“Is this a joke?,” one viewer asked. “What is called humanity is maybe not a good word as we think.”

The Mevzoo keeps most of the animals in cages under the cafe in a “zoo” registered with the Turkish Ministry of Forestry. During an investigation, however this week, it has been reported the owner of the cafe was ordered to dismantle the glass cage within three months. Let’s see if it happens. Shame on this cafe.

(Photos via Instagram)

One of the videos showing the lion following a little girl can be viewed here.


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  1. I am so pissed right now, I can’t even watch all of the video. what the hell is wrong with people all over the world. don’t they have respect for wildlife, apparently, Not, the morons.!

  2. Not surprised that other countries do things like this since they don’t value animals in general. A nuisance or amusement to them, nothing more, and Turkey is very guilty of that.Why they do it, I have no idea but the people in these countries need to speak up and hope this thing is removed before the 3 months if enough people complain and refuse to eat there.

  3. This is nothing more than blatant animal abuse – I hope those who have seen the mistreatment of the lion will continue to protest this outrageous callous cruelty. The café owner needs to feel the wrath of the public.

  4. Please everyone help this precious Lion from this unimaginable cruelty and make sure this innocent Lion is sent to a caring and compassionate animal sanctuary.
    The heartless and callous cruelty the vile and evil cafe owner allows is an abomination of deliberate torture and suffering. This monster should be jailed for deliberate animal cruelty.


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