Oops! 12-year-old pooch’s paw stuck in bathtub drain

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Oops! Maybe not a perfect day for an adorable 12-year-old pooch whose paw became stuck in the bathtub drain at her Fort Lauderdale, Florida home on Saturday, but handsome heroes were close by to help.

According to  the Broward Sheriff’s Twitter account, the senior Schnauzer named Angel, had been taking a bath when her paw became stuck. Even though her owner, Maria Fuentes did everything she could think of to help  Angel out of her predicament, nothing worked, so she called the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue.

It took about 20 minutes for the BSO’s Technical Rescue Team to free Angel using their specialized equipment.

Kevin Meyers, spokesperson for the rescue team could tell Angel had been struggling, but she’s reported to be doing well. During the rescue, along with the advice from a veterinarian giving Benadryl to calm the pooch, the rescue was a success. Ironically Angel has taken hundreds of baths in that same tub – now what are the odds she is going to be a willing participant again?

(Photos of Angel’s paw caught in bathtub drain via Twitter)

Many thanks to the heroes for all those who cannot speak.

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