Onyx is a stray wondering what happened to her

Meet the beautiful Onyx; she is a stray wondering what happened? Picked up by Kershaw County Humane Society in Camden, South Carolina, owner indifference and neglect isn’t specific to any breed.  Whether Onyx is a Newfoundland, Chow Chow or a combination of both, who can dispute this girl’s beauty?

According to the shelter, Onyx may have been on her own for quite some time. She had briars embedded in her skin, is timid and doesn’t seem to understand the kindness of a human touch.

“She is likely another case of what many shelters see daily,” posted Friends of Kershaw County Humane Society on their social media page. “Someone acquires a puppy and has no concept of the time and care needed… They aren’t a part time gig.”

Fortunately, Onyx is progressing as volunteers are taking the time and having the patience to work with her. After her stray hold is over, she will be available for adoption.

Interested in adopting? Contact the shelter here.

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An incredible transformation

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Too bad we are in CA. Onyx is absolutely gorgeous!!! She would be welcome with us!!!

    We hope she gets adopted into a loving furever family where she will be a treasured and beloved family member!!!

  2. Dalna Bugg says:

    Bunny, you could look into transport to get her. Many rescues have national transport hookups with volunteers who do a leg of the trip. There is also Pilots for Paws. Worth looking into if you could give her a home. She’s so beautiful and I’d love to see her go where she will definitely be well-loved. So often I wish I lived over there, but then we have needy beauties in Australia too.
    Please God lkeep this precious girl safe so she can find a furever home so she never has to live unloved anymore.


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