Only in Boca: Two iguanas go ‘toe to toe’ in Starbucks parking lot

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This time Starbucks wasn’t to blame for any social or legal improprieties. In Boca Raton, two iguanas entered into a raucous scuffle, and their power argument was all caught on video.

According to Shannon Moskoff’s Facebook page, it was Saturday morning when she had been making her coffee stop and was driving behind the local Starbucks when she saw what she thought were two large tree branches. Suddenly the branches moved, and Shannon grabbed her phone and started recording. There they were – two huge iguanas- going “toe to toe” in an obvious domestic disagreement.

Shannon’s friend, Jaime Margolin Croft witnessed the kerfuffle – “Only in Boca” Jaime stated. At one point, one of the iguana’s had the other iguana’s head in its mouth.

“Oh my God, they’re eating each other,” Shannon could be heard on the recording. “What the ****. I’ve never seen this in my life. Are they stuck?”

The minute-and-a-half video was full of iguana posturing – hissing and snapping at each other. Finally the women had to stop recording as traffic was becoming tied up, and so we don’t know how the dueling iguana story ended. Male iguanas are known to be aggressive with each other, so we may never know what happened. Maybe they were mating?

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Check out the video here. (Cray cray)

Omg!!! This is CRAY CRAY

Posted by Shannon Moskoff on Saturday, June 23, 2018

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