Ohio man videoed closed-fist beating Newfoundland puppy

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A Warren, Ohio man was videoed  allegedly beating his nine-month-old Newfoundland puppy repeatedly with a closed-fist. James Shaeffer, 64, was arrested on Wednesday and remains behind bars after authorities charged the dog owner with animal cruelty and aggravated menacing.

According to Wkbn27News, Shaeffer’s roommate, Nick Chronister witnessed and videoed the puppy, named Finley’s abuse.  The video initially showed the puppy backing away from Shaeffer and growling as the man approached  – as if the dog knew what was going to happen.

“Really? You want to get mad?,” Shaeffer yells to the pup as he gets closer. And then, with a closed-fist, he strikes the puppy on top of her head with blunt force. “I’ll kill you right now,” he yelled.

“Really? You want to bark at me. You want to bite at me? Really?,” Shaeffer continues in the video. “I will kill you right now B….! Get out of my mother’s f…… house. OK? I’m done,” and then with one hand the puppy’s abuser grabs the puppy’s chin, pulls it upward and slaps at Finley’s face.

Chronister recalls Finley always trying to hide behind his legs  and would cower as Shaeffer approached.

Finley was routinely left in a small cage where she would lie in her own waste. Chronister only stayed with Shaeffer for three weeks, videoed the abuse and sent the proof to his father who notified the Warren Police Department. Finley is safe with the Animal Welfare League. Chronister hopes to adopt the dog after the case is over.

Shaeffer remains in jail in lieu of $12,500. Once he is able to bond out, the judge has ordered him to stay away from all animals.

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(Photos of Shaeffer and Newfoundland puppy via WfmjNews)

Click here to view the disturbing video.

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16 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    A man that age living in Mama’s house and beating Mama’s innocent dog? Prosecution or something is terribly missing in Warren, Ohio. Finley needs to go to Chronister as he trusts him. Chronister turned in Schaeffer. Hope Bubba finds Schaeffer in prison and teaches him some decency. Finley, be well, be happy and so glad rescue group is helping you.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    I am so glad the EX-Room Mate GOT Good evidence on this PUKE. Now someone needs to relieve the Constipation and Abusive Nature Shaeffer has with an Enema via a 38 Suppository !

  3. Diana Roby says:

    I’m not sure about the roommate adopting Finley when the case was over. He was there for three weeks watching & taping the abuse. It doesn’t sound like he did anything to stop it. And then he sends the recording to his father who then contacts the police. Why didn’t he do it directly? Is he afraid of the guy? Understandable if he is but what happens if the guy goes after him or Finley after the case is resolved. I hope the shelter does what’s best for Finley. Even if he goes to another hone.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    This poor dog will never trust a man again! I hope they POS can’t bail out and sits and rots in jail!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Neither one of these two jerkoffs should get Finley – Shaffer will hopefully get a good dose of predatory inmate victimization while his filthy vile butt is in jail and his roommate who did NOTHING except video the cruelty did nothing to stop it is not much better. Do NOT let Chronister get his hands on Finley – this pup deserves to be in a safe loving home and away from both of these idiots. The ONLY one who deserves a Thank You is Chronister’s father who contacted authorities.

  6. vicki hood says:

    Good job Chronister’s Father. Nick, When you see animal abuse, the Immediate action is citizen’s arrest. Great that you gave the video of abuse to your Dad. You saved that Finley’s life. Newfies are such great dogs and Finley will now get the decent, loving home he deserves


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