Ohio couple accused of killing their dog with a nail gun

Couple killed dog with nail gun
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An Ohio couple is facing charges for allegedly killing their dog with a nail gun. According to USA Today, the horrific incident took place earlier this month in Newark.

The couple accused of the cruel act are identified as Brandon Cooper, 24, and Sindel McWhorter, 22 – the victimized dog, a pit bull, was found buried in their backyard. The couple has claimed that they put the dog down because she had bitten a child.

Animal Control Officer Toby Wills, who responded to the couple’s home, found the dog’s blood on the floor – when asked about how many times the dog was shot, he was told, “one to kill it and a second one to make sure it was dead.”

Jodi Houser of Newark Veterinary Hospital, has stated that the dog likely suffered before she died – she stated, “In my professional opinion, the form of euthanasia used by this owner was one of the least humane and most painful that I could imagine. This dog did not deserve to suffer simply because the owner did not pursue an alternative solution.”

Cooper and McWhorter are facing charges for lying to an animal control officer, and Cooper is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

(Stock image of pit bull via Pixabay)

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  1. These 2 maggots need the same thing done to them that they did to that poor dog! Empty the nail gun into their heads and then pump some more into “to make sure” they’re dead! RIP precious girl!

  2. “Sindel?” Sounds like we’re talking about the ghetto here. Misdemeanor???? That dog suffered terribly and I’m not buying their story about the dog bite. I bet that dog was what they call a “cur,” or a dog that doesn’t want to fight. WHY ISNT THIS A FELONY CRIME?

  3. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding. this had nothing to do with a dog biting a child. this has to do with these demonized hearts that just want to hurt another living being. These are monsters.

  4. And if indeed the dog did bite a child, what were these morons letting the child do to the dog to provoke it? They aren’t fit to be pet owners and this deserves a harsher charge than a misdemeanor charge.

  5. Maggots are too nice of a word to describe these subhumans. Another pair that need to be jailed for life or another form of removing them from normal people. I highly doubt this dog bit a child but a convenient way for them to ride themselves of this dog. What a tortuous way for this poor dog to die a slow death.

  6. Let’s see how many shots it takes to put this trash down. Taking up space and breathing clean air is too good for these POS.

  7. Misdemeanor for animal cruelty. Are you kidding me? He murdered their dog (not euthanized). What a bunch of BS. He will get a slap on the wrist and be allowed to get another dog. There will be NO consequences for these actions. This is disgusting. If there was a bite, wonder what provoked it to happen. An unruly, unsupervised child or pet parents who taught aggressiveness. RIP to this poor dog.


  9. RIP sweet dog. I highly doubt that you bit a child. These POS morons just didn’t want you anymore. I’m sorry you suffered baby girl. Fly high with the angels.

  10. Bastards! If the dog bit a child, it’s only because the child wasn’t being supervised properly with him.

    However, I don’t believe for a second that was the reason. I think it’s because these two scumbags are pure evil and simply using this as an excuse.

    That nail gun needs to be used on both of them so this planet can be rid of more human vermin and keep their numbers down.

  11. No way do I believe one word out of these two shitholes – what they did is so beyond cruel – both of them deserve to be nailed to trees and used as target practice – they are good for nothing else.

  12. That’s a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! Those owners need to be shot with a nail gun and see how they like it!!! That’s HORRIBLE!!!!!


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