Off leash dog encounter leads to one dog being killed, another to be put down

Dog killed in off leash encounter
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On Monday, an off leash dog encounter in Washington Township, Ohio, resulted in one dog being killed and another who will be put down. According to WHIO News, Ashley Kelley let her dachshund, Cooper, out to relieve himself. While off leash, Cooper wandered up to a pit bull who was being walked, on leash, by a teenager.

The three-year-old pit bull, named Stormy, grabbed hold of the smaller dog and wouldn’t let go – despite the efforts of Kelley and the teenager. By the time that Cooper was finally released, fatal damage had already been inflicted. Following Monday night’s fatal encounter, Cooper is dead and the dog responsible for his injuries will be put down…something that Kelley finds heartbreaking.

Cooper’s owner told the news agency, “It’s heartbreaking that this had to happen to both families…both dogs.”

Stormy, who was being fostered by the teenager’s family, was seized by animal control.

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  1. Horrible why do they kill him evil bastards let him go & it’s too late poor doggie kill yourselves bg

  2. Always keep your dog on a leash so incidents like this don’t happen! It’s a shame that one dog is dead and the other one will die also!

  3. I can not ask this enough WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do people feel it is so important to let their pets off leash!?!?!?!? GO TO A DOG PARK FOR THAT!!! It only takes one instant for something horrible to happen….so WHY WHY WHY WHY DO IT?!??!!?!?!?!?
    This makes me sick, a poor little dog aimlessly wandered up to a large dog, now they both have to pay the price of being murdered. All because someone didn’t want to put a leash on her dog!

  4. This small dog wandered right up to the pit bull and too much in the larger dogs space. If on a leash, she would have been able to pull her dachshund back away from the pit bull and go in another direction. Big dogs and small dogs do not always get along so better to be safe than end up like this.I am sure it happened quite fast that the owner of the small dog didn’t have enough time to grab him, nor did the teenager get to pull back his dog. This is why all dogs, no matter how friendly when around other dogs, must be monitored for any unforeseen accidents. It is a shame that they couldn’t have gotten the small dog released but now they will actually, intentionally kill this pit bull not because he is necessarily dangerous, but because he killed a small dog, which should not have happened. Wish they would let this dog live and at least wear a muzzle when outside. Maybe that would help

  5. Two dogs lose their lives because of an irresponsible owner. Dogs should never be roaming unleashed unless in a secure fenced area. This could all have been avoided. Rest in peace sweet pups.

  6. The majority of dachshunds have the ” King or Queen ” of the mountain ATTITUDE !!! This is such a SAD! SAD ! ending for both dogs!!! I have had dachshunds for over 50 years.. and this is particularly hurtful.. Bless little Cooper and I am sorry that the other young dog will also have to pay for the owner not being well versed on protocol and Dachshund’ s Rule the World Attitude…

  7. If not for the actions of the dachshund owner none of this would have happened. The pit bull is not at fault and the dachshund was the aggressor. The same thing happened to me I was on my front lawn with my pit bulls on leash and a neighbor let her dachshund out loose and it immediately ran up to my dogs and nipped one of them. The dachshund ended up in my dogs mouth and he wasn’t going to let go. My husband was able to pry our dogs mouth open and saved the little dog, who is just fine. Animal Control and police were called and the dachshund and owner were found to be at fault. I was informed even if my dog did kill the small dog, they would still be at fault. I’m glad I don’t live in Ohio.

  8. This is bullshit
    That lady is to blame on the death of her dog She was just to lazy to take it out and shame one her for that
    But the pittie was on his leashed .He shouldn’t have to die If it was any other type of dog nothing would of happen to him but where he a pitbull they are going to but him down
    so sad

  9. This is Cooper’s owners fault – she let him off leash and he was killed by a pit bull (whom I don’t blame one bit) – it was her responsibility to keep Cooper safe and she did not. She has no one to blame but herself for her dog’s death. The only one I feel sorry for is the pit bull – dogs do what dogs do and he will pay the price for Cooper’s owner being a jerk. I don’t think the pit should be put to death – but the attitude of certain people like to think this breed is dangerous – when in reality the only dangerous species is human – and Cooper’s owner is a good example of an irresponsible owner.

    • EXACTLY.
      Why is there not a lawsuit and a campaign to save the pitbull when the ONLY responsible party for this tragedy is the idiot negligent doxie owner?!


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