NYC police break into car to rescue freezing chihuahua

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It was barely 10-degrees in Manhattan on Saturday evening when policemen felt compelled to break into a car and rescue a freezing chihuahua shaking uncontrollably.

According to the New York Post, witness Matteo Prandoni said the tiny pooch named Mary would have died had the cops not intervened.

“The dog was in such a shock and freezing he didn’t bark, Matteo told the Post. “The dog got as close as possible to the jacket of the officer (who helped rescue him) to look for warmth.”

Haoyang Chen, 23, has been identified as the owner of the freezing pup and was charged on Sunday with the illegal confinement of an animal in a vehicle. He has been ordered to appear in court on February 23. Chen adopted the dog with his girlfriend at the beginning of December and claims he loves the pup and would never do anything to risk her safety. He claimed the dog was not freezing, but shakes when she is scared of strangers.

“She is different from other dogs. Mary always feels scared and shakes,” Chen stated.

First Precinct officers were flagged down by a concerned passerby who saw the dog locked in the blue Saab and was worried about the animal’s welfare. A NYPD Emergency Service Unit managed to pry the car door open to rescue the dog. A note was left in the vehicle for the owner to report to the 1st Precinct station. Many thanks to our men and women in blue for helping everyone in danger.

Mary has been placed with Animal Care and Control. Chen says he will try to get Mary returned to him.

So we have a tiny short-haired chihuahua in a vehicle shivering in 10-degree weather and she wasn’t in danger of hypothermia? You be the judge. Please keep comments civil.

(Photos -screenshot via Matteo Prandoni)

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  1. So glad the officers saved the pup. The Chinese have no animal protection laws in their country so it doesn’t surprise me. Now he’ll probably eat the dog.

  2. This freaking idiot named Chen and his dumbass explanation that Mary was NOT cold, she was shaking because of fear of strangers is laughable. No way should he ever see Mary again – if not for a good Samaritan and the cops, Mary would be dead – what would be Chen’s excuse then? She deserves much better than to be stuck with this douchebag. He should be in jail shaking for fear of retribution.

    • TOTALLY agree! What a complete buffoon this clown is. He made a total ASS of himself with that lousy excuse and only confirms that he really is a heartless monster who doesn’t care one iota about poor little Mary. This dog should not be returned to him EVER, nor should he be allowed to own a pet in the future. IDIOT!

  3. Thank you to the police of NYC. You’re the best!!!!!!! So the maggot filth sucking asshole will try to get the pup back?!? If any judge gives that pup back, I hope they get voted out of office. It’s high time for lawmakers and the entire justice system to put VICTIMS first and incorporate compassion into judgements. Stop coddling puke bags like this SOS.

  4. I don’t care how much they say they love the dog, they are not capable of thinking what is in the best interest of the dog. Mary needs to be re-homed and the owners never be allowed to have another dog for a long period of time. Let them work at a shelter to see what is involved in having an animal.

  5. If this is how this moron shows love then he needs a refresher course on the subject! He certainly didn’t use his brain power. I don’t know if the “girl friend” was aware of what this idiot was doing and if she didn’t I feel bad for her since she has now lost her dog because “boyfriend’s” actions! I hope Mary finds a good, loving home with people that will truly “love” her and not leave her locked in a car shaking for “whatever” reason!

  6. Stupid idiot. Chi is very sensitive to the cold. I know owners who pad train their chi so they don’t have to take them out in the cold. It would be a great mistake returning this tiny pup to the owner. Let me know if the pup needs a foster. I’m only a taxi ride away from the shelter.

  7. If the dog was afraid of strangers as chen claims, this pup would not have scooted toward the officer.
    Instead of taking responsibility for a bad decision he blames the dog.
    This person as well as others need to go to animal training and have to pay for it.

  8. Maybe the poor little dog was left in the car because he was going to be their dinner and you don’t worry about leaving your groceries in the car. Lots of Chihuahua’s are nervous and shake. Shivering from the cold is different. I hope he never gets the dog back because I fear for her safety. I am afraid he will eat her.

  9. I think this precious little treasure should be rehomed ASAP because it’s obvious to most people that her current living situation is unsafe. Her current owners lack “common sense” and they have no compassion for animals…….

    In an ideal world, these owners should have to pass an animal care course before they can have another pet……

  10. BULL CRAP….. he is a small dog. They get cold easily….. do not let this twit off…. he is an absolutely IDIOT and does NOT deserve to have this baby returned to him. Geez…… he just shakes because he is scared? YES A.H…….SCARED OF FREEZING TO DEATH IN 10 DEGREE WEATHER!

  11. Unless the car was running with the heater working full blast, the dog was COLD. It was 10 deg. for pity sake. He wouldn’t be sitting in a parked car in 10 deg weather without a down jacket is my bet. Chi’s are fragile dogs and most often COLD! You see them all the time bundled in coats and quilts. DUH!

  12. are you kidding me?!! The dog shakes all the time! Well lets see, we will put him in a car in 10 degree weather with a thin jacket on and see how he likes it. Anyone one human or animal cannot survive temperatures like that for very long. That dog would have been dead! Hooray for the good people and the police officers who stepped in and took action. Unless people step up and with actions and words to stop animal abuse it will never stop.It takes a village or in this case a city to stop animal abuse. now the people in the judicial system needs to do their due diligence and prosecute this scumbag. This dog should never go back to him.!!


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