Nurse accused of starving dog for months

Nurse accused of starving dog
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A nurse in Dix Hills, New York, is accused of starving his dog for months. By the time that the German shepherd mix, dubbed Oakley, was weighed in December, he was malnourished and 25 pounds below his healthy weight. According to Newsday, 45-year-old Paul Matthews brought his dog to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter on Dec. 18, claiming that the dog was a stray that he had found.

Prosecutors have stated that an investigation showed that Matthews had owned the dog for two years, and evidence indicated that the dog was starved for two to three months. An x-ray revealed that the dog had resorted to eating, rocks, leaves, sheetrock and steel debris – he required surgery to remove the blockages the debris created.

nurse starved dog

Oakley is expected to make a full recovery and he will be available for adoption after he has recuperated – his alleged abuser is facing animal cruelty charges of failure to provide proper sustenance and abandonment.

(Screenshots via Long Island News)

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  1. He looks like he should be starved for two to three months! Why own a pet if you’re going to deny it the basic things to survive?! Stupid @$$hole! I wouldn’t want him to care for me if I was in the hospital!

  2. That ugly fat POS doesn’t look like he ever missed any meals! I hope he stays in the free hotel for as long as possible and will face a lifetime ban on owning or caring for any other animals. I don’t believe that’s his real name, either.

  3. Force this scum to eat what this poor dog resorted to eating to fill his belly. If that doesn’t get him to understand what he did to his dog (will no longer be his), then starve him for months like he did to this dog. He is a nurse? God help those patients that he doesn’t like and are under his care. He should be removed from his nursing position and never allowed to take care of any living person or animal. He obviously has eaten well hasn’t he!

  4. Fucken fat ass swarthy pig….How I’d love to douse you in water, throw you outside in the freezing weather,& watch you freeze to death!!!!! A nurse!!! Jesus!!Keep him away from animals and people!!!I’d love to smash the smirk on ur ugly face!!!!!

  5. SO sad dat fat ass bastard ate everything while dat poor dog watched and sufferred fat man could feed a small country on his fat jelly rolls .I hope fat boy croaks

    • Lol…I’m so sorry couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t expecting that kind of a comment. Hope he picks up parasites where he loses loads of weight and rots his eyes out!

  6. Disgusting POS! Not only should he be banned from having another living animal, he should lose his nursing license as well. He has no compassion for living animal, therefore I wouldn’t be surprised he lacks compassion for humans.

  7. I see you haven’t missed any meals you fucking fat fuck I hope you lost your job you piece of shit I hope someone sees your ugly face and kicks the shit out of you

  8. The hospital where he works should be notified. Let him get fired as this idiot has no business around living being. public— call the hospital where he lives and tell them you will not consent to Paul Matthews being on duty should you or any of your family be admitted. Dix Hills in New York may have that hospital If not nearest one should be called and speak with the administration.

  9. Paul Mathews – You are so lucky I do not live anywhere near For Dix, NJ – I would get great pleasure in giving you a dose of your own medicine – lock up your fat ass and watch you eat scrap metal, rocks and dirt. You are a disgrace to the nursing profession and deserve to lose your license permanently. I hope you die in a long, painful way, suffer daily and no one cares.

  10. This makes me wonder about his nursing skills… could anyone purposely starve a dog…..this guy, the nurse……look at him, he doesn’t look like he missed any meals, does he….I hope they punish him to the fullest extent & never ever let him have a pet again.

  11. I hope that rotten bastard gets thrown in Prison and I hope they starve him for about three months and see what he can do to survive. STUPID ASSHOLE!!!!

  12. He should be treated the SAME WAY he treated the dog. Let him starve and see what he comes up with to eat to survive. People ( using that term loosely) should be put in front of a firing squad and cleaned off this earth. No need to waste clean air on that one and I damn sure don’t want to support him in jail, which should start at one year for every month he starved this dog.

  13. PLEASE TELL ME THIS MONSTER is going to get more than a little slap on his fat hand!!!!!! He deserves some jail time, huge fine and his name on a registry so that he may NEVER own or live in the same home as a pet!


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