North Easton man charged with abandoning five kittens in ‘steaming hot’ crate

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A North Easton, Massachusetts man has been charged with abandoning five kittens in a crate along Wrentham busy roadway. On Thursday, police arrested Alex T. Rodriquez, 32 and charged him with five counts of animal cruelty.

According to the Wrentham Police Facebook page, a woman found the five kittens on the side of Interstate 495. The four-week-old kittens became known as the “495 Five” and were taken to the King Philip Animal Rescue in Plainville where they are currently being fostered. They have since been treated for fleas and were being fed by volunteers.

In an all out effort to find the person responsible for abandoning the kittens, their photos were shared on Facebook asking anyone with information to come forward. Several witnesses supplied police with more information leading to the arrest of Rodriquez.

“Shortly after Wrentham Police posted this incident, several witnesses came forward, including people who had been in the process of adopting the kittens. Upon seeing the Wrentham Police Facebook post, they recognized the kittens and came to the police station.

A thorough police investigation followed and concluded there is probale cause to charge Mr. Rodriguez with five counts of Cruelty To Animals, M.G.L. Chapter 272, section 77.

Mr. Rodriguez will be summonsed to court for arraignment at a date to be scheduled by the Wrenthan District Court.”

(Photos of the five kittens Facebook King Philip Animal Rescue)

And to bring smiles to your faces, check out the “495 Five” and how absolutely adorable they are and how they are thriving:

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  1. Anyone who does this to defenseless animals needs to serve extensive jail time. Make this scum be in jail for at least a year and be taken care of by his fellow inmates. Justice served.

  2. Fry the bastard in prison and in “hell”! Hope and pray the kitties will be placed in a loving and caring home they so richly deserve! Thank you very much, dear rescuers!

  3. So he actually had people who were going to adopt the kittens and STILL did this to them?

    What he deserves, and what will happen to him even if he receives the maximum penalty, are two totally different things.

    If he could be dropped someplace in the middle of the wildest part of Death Valley and left where no one will find him and he’d have to make his own way out, then THAT would be a form of justice.

  4. Personally – I would love to see Alex Rodriquez stuffed in a small wire cage and dumped on the side of a freeway – and no one stops – just let him suffer like he did to five innocent defenseless animals. Maybe if there is any form of justice he will meet his fate under the wheels of an 18 wheeler – seeing him splattered all over a highway works for me.


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