Foster needed for recuperating dog

No offers to help injured dog who was abandoned by her family

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A dog, recovering from injuries, is in need of a foster home, but nobody is stepping up to help her. Her name is Darby and she was “involuntarily abandoned” by her owner. Darby was taken in at the Pasco Animal County Animal Services facility (Land O’Lakes, Florida) in late August as a “seized custody case.” Darby’s owner informed staff that she would come to the shelter to retrieve her dog, but she never did.

A plea for help

The shelter’s Pet Services Supervisor issued a plea for a foster home for Darby:

Her hold time is up. What is unique about Darby’s story is that when she arrived to the shelter she presented extremely large open wounds on her shoulder, hind leg, chest and face. We do not know the origins of these wounds, however it was apparent that they had received medical treatment at some point.

The wounds are resolving, but some are still too deep to place Darby in our general population and expose the surfaces to contamination. Darby has resided in our Medical ward since intake, it is our hope that we can transfer Darby immediately where she can safely continue her healing journey.

Nobody answered the request for help

Nobody – not even one person – answered the shelter’s plea for help. Darby is unable to stay in the hospitalization ward any longer and it is not advisable for her to be moved to the general population area because of her wounds.

Helping Darby

If you have room in your home for this sweet girl, please email

Information about Darby as provided by the shelter:

Darby is estimated to be 3 years of age, she has a tolerant and happy personality. Darby is current on her vaccines and may return for her spay procedure within 30 days of transfer. Darby is heartworm positive.

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12 replies
  1. Joule says:

    I posted on my page, asking people in Florida to foster/help. If there is a way to get this dog to me in Northern California, I will foster her.

  2. PAMELA D says:

    It seems that this poor dog had a great life. Hope the bitch when she gets older will be sitting in a nursing home waiting for her kids to pick her up and they never show up maybe she will feel the damn pain. This bitch needs to die.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I hope a rescue sees this and has a foster available who could take this dog in to help her heal completely so she can be adopted into a loving home.Rescues need fosters to help with the recuperation so please try to help to save Darby. She needs a savior to help her now before it is too late.

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    Come on animal lovers please help precious girl Darby be given a beloved home where this precious girl can be looked after and loved. Please help Darby. It is unbelievable her horrible owner just gave her up. The vile and evil bitch had no intentions of coming to get this beautiful dog named Darby. I pray this vile and evil bitch is punished severely for her deliberate sadism and evilness this evil bitch committed against such a trusting and innocent dog called Darby. My heart aches for you Darby and I pray that some animal loving person will adopt you.


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