No charges filed in death of shepherd ‘Evie’ killed in Ohio prison

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In Lebanon, Ohio, a dog named Evie died while participating in a prison program using inmates to help with her training. No charges have been filed in the dog’s death.  According to the rescue group Joseph’s Legacy, Evie had been at the Warren County prison and was found in a cell unresponsive on August 25.

An investigation continues, according to Lieutenant Mark Herron from the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s special investigations unit, who is handling the death of the German shepherd and Elkhound mix named Evie.  A necropsy revealed the dog died from blunt force trauma. The Dayton Daily News reports all further questions should be referred to the public information office in Columbus.

“Following the investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, we will conduct a thorough review of the program at the Warren Correctional Institution followed by a broader review of the animal programs across the state,” announced a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

The four-year-old shepherd, had been at the rescue since 2015 when she came in with a broken hip after having been hit by a car. At the time she had been nursing her two puppies – one died, and her surviving puppy was later adopted. Evie’s hip was surgically repaired. The dog was extremely friendly and soon was adopted, however her family had to give her up. Brought back to the rescue, it was decided if Evie had more training, she would be more adoptable.

The rescue has since discontinued the canine training program at the prison and has been waiting for the results of the investigation stated Meg Melampy, the president and founder of Joseph’s Legacy. Training programs, within the prison have been going on for 20 years, and according to the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, there is “zero tolerance for any type of abuse of the animals who are part of these programs.”

Meanwhile, Evie is gone -the blunt force trauma to her abdomen caused her liver and kidney to hemorrhage thus resulting in her untimely death.

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19 replies
  1. slv says:

    Zero tolerance?? So what is being done?? This article restates a lot of vague “facts” but doesn’t tell anyone who is to blame or what’s going to be done about it.

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      What is being done ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!! This “SO called JUSTICE SYSTEM “NEEDS to have the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT come in and DO A COMPLETE OVERHAUL from the WARDEN ON DOWN!! The Supposed Guards and the PROGRAM DIRECTOR know where this defience less dog was and who she was placed with!!! Are they scared of the prison mates or being paid off by them. This is HORRID !!! Is the prison being run by the Black Knights or the Mafia !!!

      • animal advocate says:

        totally agree! The prisoner/s who did this needs to be tried and deserves the death penalty! The guards probably looked away and no one is talking.

  2. Nadya Rossi says:

    This is truly sickening but hardly surprising. If OHIO isn’t the cruelest state when it comes to animal welfare, I can’t think who would be. Prison officials KNEW with whom they placed this poor dog. Depraved hooligans are off the hook. “After all, she was only a dog.” THAT’S the mentality of Ohioans. The people there are shameful moral failures.

  3. Cynthia Espinoza says:

    I want to see there needs to be justice for Evie. This criminal needs to be punished for the death of this service dog. Evie had no idea that day would be her last day of life. She thought she was going to do her service. Yet this criminal has not been charged for her death. Where is the justice system when it is needed. A dog’s life is life. She had a beating heart that was taken from her. I demand justice.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Trying to do a good thing for both the prisoners and the animals and some POS does this to this beautiful dog. If I were the rescue organization, that would be the end of this program. If they can’t insure the safety of the dogs, and can’t seem to punish the POS that did this, then the dogs don’t need to go there anymore!

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Blunt force trauma and no charges???? She did that to herself????? Somebody has to be prosecuted now, do the animal’s lives mean so little? Shame on you Ohio! You’re no better than the prisoners!

  6. Adrienne says:

    Does anyone suspect that Evie was punched in the stomach by hand or an object? I do not read anything about what might have caused this “blunt force trauma” but something sure as hell did. Are they going to investigate what happened to Evie or is she a casualty in their program?

    • animal advocate says:

      Sounds like she was kicked/punched or hit with an object. They know who she was with, why don’t they release the name? The program has been terminated temporarily it states. Maybe animal animal advocate prisoners would take care of Evie’s killer since the justice system isn’t helping her. Sickening! Someone’s covering. There should be an internal affairs investigation with the police department, but everything is probably covered up.

  7. Linda Patton says:

    Justice must be done for Evie!!! Which ever inmate murdered her must be charged along with at least 2-3 years prison sentence. Where were the guards when she was being beaten? To cause that severe damage to her internal organs she was beaten with extreme force. I’m sure she cried out… why wasn’t she heard? The program must be stopped before another dog suffers like this baby did. There is no excuse for what happened to her! My big question is where was the guards???

  8. Maureen De says:

    “Weak laws allow heartless people to murder innocent animals. With little to no punishment… But what if you could add a new rule? And punish them to 25 years in jail and a $500,000 fine. So they are too scared to hurt another animal again… would you do it?” 

    Karma will kick in…

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    Heaven Forbid !!!! Accuse a “Model Prisoner ” of Causing the death of this beautiful Shepard that was unfortunate enough to be placed in this apparent Chamber of Deceit and Evil Minded Criminal’s Who will never divulge Just What took place that TOOK the Live of this Beautiful Girl that most certainly DID NOT HAVE to DIE at the Hands of a DEMONIC PSYCHOPATH that will await in the Shadows for the Chance to do it again!!! Disband this program at this facility!!!

    • Margie Connors says:

      Linda Hayes, do you think she deserved the “kicking ” instead? you sound so light hearted about this, how do you know how she was doing on her training? Were you there?

  10. puppygirl says:

    I want to know how closely Joseph’s Legacy was monitoring their dogs. Also, as mentioned previously, where the hell were the guards??? Sorry, but I could easily blow the brains out of the POS who did this. I am sick to my stomach and want justice for Evie.


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