Newly adopted puppy found safe

Newly adopted puppy bolts into bitter cold – community steps up to help

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Some may say that Dudley’s survival is a miracle…at the very least, his recovery reflects a labor of determination and love in one Maine community. The young Labrador/Newfoundland mix puppy was picked up by his adoptive family last Friday in Virginia and he managed to bolt away in Naples, Maine, shortly after arriving to his new home.

Dudley’s timing was terrible – the area was in the midst of a bitter cold snap and the puppy didn’t know his surroundings. Fortunately, the community stepped up to find the 12-week-old puppy and after four days of non-stop searching, they were met with success.

Linda LeBlanc, Dudley’s owner, told WLBZ News, “It’s a miracle he is alive. I can’t believe we found him.” Dudley’s return was made possible by the non-profit group, Maine Lost Dog Recovery, and volunteers in the community who spent hours scouring the area and setting out live-dog traps.

News of Dudley’s capture was shared with followers of the Maine Lost Dog Recovery Facebook page on January 2:

Dudley was trapped just after 6 pm tonight, barely 600′ from his home, and is safely back with his family. Thank you to everyone who called in sightings and looked out for this cutie pie. Many thanks to Luann for hosting Dudley in her yard and feeding him.

With thanks to those who participated in the recovery effort:

This took a team of MLDR volunteers: Judene, Kathy, Natalie and Shari. But truly a labor of love for all of us. We especially thank Linda, Frank and Brandon who were determined to do the right things and bring this sweet boy home.

According to the group, Dudley suffered no ill-effects from his time in the cold and he is happy to be home, snuggling with his new family.

(Images via Facebook)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Giant THANK YOU to all who stepped up to rescue Dudley from certain death – YOU ARE ALL HEROES – YOU SAVED A LIFE!!


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