Neighbor accused of breaking into home and beating dog with baseball bat

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In Springfield, Ohio, a local man has been accused of breaking into his neighbor’s home last Thursday and beating a dog to death with a baseball bat. Jeffrey Sagraves, 55, has been charged with felony aggravated burglary and animal cruelty.

According to the Springfield News-Sun, Sagraves called 911 to report two dogs were in his backyard attacking his cat. The cat did not survive. The dogs belonged to his neighbor, and he threatened the police if they didn’t arrive at his property soon, he would kill the dogs. Three minutes later, another 911 call came came in, and this time it was the neighbor, Lisa Marie Everhart, reporting Sagraves allegedly broke into her home and hit her dog in the head with a baseball bat.

When police arrived, two other witnesses saw  Sagraves rush into the home, raise the wooden baseball bat over his head and hit the dog as hard as he could. Court records state as officers placed Sagraves under arrest, they overheard him say to family members the attack was “totally {expletive} worth it.”

The dog named King was rushed to the family veterinarian and was diagnosed brain dead; King was humanely euthanized. The family’s other dog, Queen was not injured.

Sagraves has pleaded not guilty to the charges and stated he asked permission to enter Everhart’s home claiming he hit the dog “out of self-defense.” The family claims the dogs are like family and would never attack or be aggressive to anyone. Everhart’s two young children witnessed the brutal act and were still crying when the police arrived.

If convicted of aggravated burglary, Sagraves could face up to 11 years in prison. Everhart was charged with a misdemeanor for failing to confine her dogs.

Rest in peace King.

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15 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    PTragic situation for both families. Both families have lost a beloved family member…..

    I do think that the dog owners should have been more careful with their dogs, since they were “escape artists” (one of our horses has a reputation for being an “escape artist” & we take special precautions to keep him safe).

    I don’t think the cat’s owner was right to kill one of the dogs. There were other, more effective means to “punish” these irresponsible dog owners.

    Now, he faces serious legal consequences for his rash, cruel action…..

  2. Robert Mendenhall says:

    This person should serve time in prison the 11 years they’re talking about for breaking in and spend an extra 10 years for that animal cruelty Act way too disturbing he needs his ass thrown in prison now no early parole

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    WoW!!!! A person would have to Lay in bed with and assault rifle every night and have lazar beam Security installed in their home if the Total Psychopathic Shit Lived Next Door to them… along with video camera facing the whole circular section of the back yard and flood lights… This Putrid POS has Absolutely NO CONTROL of HIS SHORT FUSED TEMPER~~~~~~~ He needs to do time , those children will be traumatized the rest of their lives!!!! This is a Horrific murder of Animal’s

  4. Micele says:

    So since you have the right to have arms in the us…why the hell did this family not put a bullet between this assholes eyes…he could have easily turned the bat onto the kids for god’s sake…

  5. Adrienne says:

    What a piece of s…! So this scum thinks he is justified in breaking into someones home and killing their dog with a baseball bat. Yes, the neighbors two dogs if correct were outside and according to this bat wielder, killed his cat, so rather than wait for the police he takes matters into his own hands and now faces criminal charges and he says it was worth it. I would definitely move away from a neighbor like that because he is unhinged. I can imagine seeing his cat being attacked by the neighbors dogs, but wait for the police as angry as you are. Now he has bigger things to deal with like whether he will spend 11 years in jail.

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    WHat a nightmare! It is possible that the woman just let her dogs out to do their business, but the neighbour’s cat got involved. Of course we don’t have the full facts, but from my observation, if anyone, let alone a cat of all creatures, interrupts a dog doing their business, some dogs can become defensive or reactionary. I feel both parties have lost a precious pet due to extenuating circumstances but the possible charges for the man seem to far outweigh those against the woman. Ok, the man perhaps should not have entered the neighbour’s home, but he says he was invited and she says he wasn’t. If I were judge, I’d be releasing both on the minimum applicable charges as it really was a no win situation on both sides but very valuable lessons must surely be learned by both parties – don’t let your dogs or your cats out unrestrained and/or unsupervised; and don’t take the law into your own hands. Both were pretty silly on the occasion and acted rashly.

  7. Me says:

    The dogs were in his yard killing his cat. If he killed the dog in his yard. At least here no crime. …Breaking into neighbor’s wasnt right. . A dog comes on my property killing shit it willbe dispatched and the law in my state is that. No fellow cat lovers I take it ..

    • Dalma Bugg says:

      Yes Me, I love cats and dogs equally (call me crazy, but there are some who love both), and I’d be horrified if this happened to me, but looking from the outside in without all the facts, I commented earlier as I saw it, also not being familiar with the laws of that state but merely general animal legislation in the US from what uve learned from following rescue work for a few years now. The laws in Australia are a little more centralised though states and councils vary quite a bit, but as usual it’s the animals are the losers and not enough is done to penalise the perpetrators.

      • Animal Advocate says:

        Well said Dalma. It was the pets that were killed in horrific ways that were the victims. If his cat wandered into the dog owners yard he wouldn’t have a case most likely. Sad situation but he should have called law enforcement. Poor children are traumatized as is the other dog and the family. Sad all the way around .

  8. Denise Moore says:

    If in fact her dogs killed his cat I can understand his form of justice however it is illegal to break into another’s home. He should have waited for the dogs to return to his yard and shot them police barely respond to human assaults much less animal situations. This day and age I’d say we need a video or eye witness not of either person’s family. RIP Cat & Dog humans are so f’g juvenile and irresponsible

  9. Dalma Bugg says:

    Very true Denise, but now, even with video or eye witness, cases are still often thrown out under the excuse of “insufficient evidence”. We’re at an impasse with stupidity of legislators writing rubbish laws, so we all need to speak up for right as we see it in every case we possibly can until bad legislation is overturned and rewritten. In every case, it is always the underdog who comes off second best.


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