Neglected shepherd entangled in her chain chewed her degloved leg to escape

A one-year-old German shepherd mix, who had nearly chewed her back leg off, was brought into a Texas kill shelter on Thursday morning by animal control. The young dog had been picked up as a stray limping and in obvious pain; her back leg had been completely degloved, infected and necrotic. When the shelter contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help, the organization’s co-founder, Stacey Silverstein stepped up. No other rescues had volunteered, and the only alternative would have been humane euthanasia.

“We took one look at her severe leg injury and immediately knew we had to save her and could not turn our backs on her,” Stacey wrote on the organization’s Facebook page as she posted the photos of the dog named Cherry (also known as Lucky.

Once Cherry was transferred to the organization’s Texas veterinary hospital partner, details of the dog’s past were soon to be known. She had been an outside dog chained all day and all night. Her neglectful owner had not noticed or cared her dog’s leg had become tightly entangled in her chain. For over a week Cherry tried to free her leg; in agonizing pain she literally ate, chewed and licked her degloved leg while still chained outside.

Video #1

CHERRYS UNIMAGINABLE SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF HER OWNER *****GRAPHIC*****Mercy Euth Due to Injury DONATIONS NEEDED ****Hit The Donate Button at the bottom of this post**** We have a disturbing story to tell about Cherry , a 1 yr old Shep mix , also known as Lucky Cherry was brought into a Texas Kill Shelter with her leg completely degloved , infected and necrotic from sitting in the condition you see in this photo for days When the shelter first asked us to help Cherry , we took one look at her severe leg injury and we immediately knew we had to SAVE her and could not turn our backs on her and allow her to be euthanized due to her severe injury NO other rescue stepped up for Cherry Cherry was picked up as a stray by animal control, limping and in painWhat we learned after she was out of the shelter and at our Texas Vet Partner was that Cherry was a chained dog living outside 24/7 Cherry got tangled in her chain and what you see here in these photos and video was the result of neglect and utter abuse by her owner To make matters so much worse , her owner allowed Cherry to remain in this condition for over a week while Cherry was literally eating , chewing and licking her degloved leg while living chained outside And we don’t want to even think about the pain poor Cherry was experiencing during this week of horror We did speak to her owner and she was very upset that we would not return Cherry to her ! Seriously !!!!!We requested the shelter press charges against Cherrys owner and we were ignored ,once again Shameful that these people are not prosecuted for the crimes they commit against our companion animals Cherry is in the process of having her leg amputated at our Vet Partner , there’s no hope to save her mangled leg We just hope the infection from her injury has not seeped into her body causing sepsis which is lethal Time will tell and we hope we are not to late What we need now are DONATIONS FOR Cherrys surgery Will you HELP CHERRY After all she’s suffered she deserves the very best medical care we can give her She deserves the very best home we can find if she lives Please DONATE HIT THE DONATE BUTTON

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

“And we did speak to her owner,” Stacey wrote, “and she was upset that we would not return Cherry to her. We requested the shelter press charges against Cherry’s owner, and we were ignored once again. Shameful that these people are not prosecuted for the crimes they commit against our companion animals.”

Cherry is scheduled for surgery to have her leg amputated; there is no chance that her mangled limb can be saved. The main concern at this time is that the infection has not seeped into her body causing sepsis which is fatal. Only time will tell.


Get well soon Cherry.

(Photos and video of dog who nearly chewed her back leg off courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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9 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Texas ::: The Barbaric , Cretins , Moronic Maggot’s that live there HAVE AND NEVER WILL VALUE the LIVES OF COMPANION ANIMAL”S. Hell I can’t even imagine How their small Children Survive till adulthood !!! This strange state would be a Gold Mine, for Social Workers, Mental Health , Psychiraist ‘s , to try and repair the damage to minor’s that have people like the owner of this poor Shepard that let her suffer like this and then ACTUALLY WANT HER BACK>> What a sick Bitch!!!

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    why won’t the shelter press charges? That is sickening. If we had the name of the shelter we could bombard them with phone calls or least call the police on them. Thank you again to this great organization who cares so much

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock comes through again! What a wonderful record of helping animals they have! God bless them and precious Cherry! Prayers for all!

    As for the owner, the death penalty wouldn’t be good enough! She would first need to have her legs tightly chained for weeks! Let her try to chew her way free!

  4. Darla G says:

    Can anyone tell me why I can’t access the video? I see it says Video #1 but there’s no link. This has been happening for about a week. Thanks.

  5. hereNancy Raymond says:

    Once again Texas proves it ignores animal cruelty – the crap owner of Cherry should be sitting in a jail cell yet this lousy example of a shelter ignored Cherry’s plight and did nothing to get justice for the abuse and neglect of an innocent dog. At least she has been removed from this dump of a shelter which would have done nothing for her medically – so since this Texas shelter refused to prosecute the owner, I do hope there is an 18 wheeler waiting to run down this woman – she deserves no less.

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That owner needs to be chained out all the time and have the chain wrapped around her neck tightly and shew if she can get loose. They all need to be charged with this abuse.

  7. Pamela Garlisch says:

    And the owner wants the dog back??? To do what??? I hope they can prosecute the person but knowing Texas, nothing will be done unless a LOT of noise is made.

  8. Diana Rowell says:

    Keep feeding the beasts that perpetrate this vile, sadistic cruelty without any demands and this will happen for an eternity. Anyone else notice “certain” states do NOTHING to help with this abuse, while others are making changes after learning that it DOES make a difference AND it establishes a record for potential future abusers that go on to hurt mostly children, but other adults as well? I know it sounds cruel, but I bet anyone $100 that if you take a stand against these abusive states that do NOTHING to help curtail this violent abuse, they’ll make changes because WE WON’T BE TAKING THE COST OF EUTHANASIA (and other expenses) AWAY BY RESCUES STEPPING UP.


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