Neglected dog found living in small crate behind abandoned house

Neglected dog found living in crate behind abandoned house
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A badly neglected dog, dubbed Charlie, was found living in a small crate, behind an abandoned house in Georgia. When animal control officers with Lifeline Animal Project found him, they discovered that he was covered in urine and feces. Charlie was struggling to walk because the pads of his feet were so raw.

What happened next

The animal control officers wanted to relieve Charlie’s suffering as soon as possible. According to Lifeline Animal Project, a hose was found and the filth was washed away from Charlie’s body before he was transported to the animal shelter.

The neglected dog today

Charlie was provided with the tender loving care that he so desperately needed. Charlie has been cleaned up, and vetted, and today he is available for adoption! Charlie’s biography reads:

Charlie never met a person he didn’t love. He has the whole body wag down pat. He loves, loves his chew toys and likes to carry around a security blanket. He is looking for a forever home where he will feel safe and loved. He is a loyal, loving boy.

Inquiries for Charlie should be directed to: [email protected]

Location: Avondale, GA

Video showing Charlie’s transformation

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  1. I’d rather put the person who did this to the poor dog. in a crate and just leave them there for a month or so. then they can pee and poo on themselves, see how they feel, the morons.

  2. Charlie has suffered way too much – now it is time for this sweetheart to get his forever safe loving home. Please, there must be someone in the state of Georgia who will step up for him – you will never regret it – unconditional love is what your reward will be. AND to the human diseased trash who left him, neglected him and walked away – may you find a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler in your near future – Adios you maggot.

  3. I will be praying hard for Charlie and for the monster who abandoned him to get what he/she deserves. May prison, “karma” and/or “hell” come swiftly!


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