Nasty kid grabbed neighbor’s 6-month-old Dachshund puppy and tortured him

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In a most disturbing account of a Lawton, Oklahoma animal abuse case, the owner of a six-month-old Dachshund puppy cried on Monday evening after he checked his home surveillance camera to find his four-pound Dachshund puppy had been severely tortured by a local nasty kid.

According to Wave 3News, the puppy’s owner David Winbush and his family had been out to dinner, but when they arrived home could not find the Dachshund pup named Sprocket in their own backyard where he had been left. It was then Winbush checked his surveillance camera. Video showed the nasty kid grabbing Sprocket and then carrying the four-pound puppy to the backyard hitting the defenseless animal repeatedly. He then threw the puppy around, beating and kicking it at the same time on four separate occasions.

“He comes back with a baseball bat for the final time and then just strolls out of the driveway like nothing ever happened,” Winbush told news media.

Wimbush recognized the child and and went over to the grandparents’ home, but no one was there. When contact was made, the relative caring for the kid viewed the shocking video.

Poor little Sprocket was found hours later; he had been trapped under a slab of concrete laid on top of him underneath a shed. The puppy was alive, however he suffers from a broken hip and two broken legs.

Lawton Animal Welfare is investigating. The family plans to press criminal charges.

To help with Sprocket’s medical care, a GoFundMe account has been established.

Owner’s latest update:–mmq1r_1Ss

The graphic and disturbing video can be viewed at this link. BE ADVISED it may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

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  1. This is beyond heartbreaking. That worthless POS kid needs to be dealt with and dealt with harshly. That he could do this to a tiny little innocent animal is beyond disturbing! This is a serial killer in the making and he needs to be put away from society! Prayers for little Sprocket that he will be alright!

    • I agree whole-heartedly…this is how serial killers begin their demonic journey. I don’t think professional help will do anything for him. He is a BAD SEED…needs to be kept behind bars all of his life…he is a threat to society.

  2. I was going to say the same thing..future serial killer. I can’t see any positive future for that pos human. Sue them for everything that family is worth. Keep an eye on him because he won’t ever change.

  3. Thoughts and prayers are with Sprocket for a speedy recovery and for his family to also recover from this torture their poor pup received at the hands of a psycho future serial killer. This vile monster child needs to be in a mental facility to be put away forever. There is no redemption for things like this. Only confinement for the rest of their lives. Please, as calm and serene your neighborhood may seen, never leave your dog outside even in your own backyard because their are monsters out there who will do this and more to your dog. Praying for all of them.

  4. I am not sure after watching the video that I would not beat the child close to death. My dogs are like my children and that is exactly what I would do if it was my child or grandchildren.

  5. This is sad and shouldn’t have happened. The owner should also have taken better precautions and not left the puppy outside alone. I’m not blaming the owner but you just can’t take chances.

  6. #1: Beat the SH*T outta that nasty child – mebbe THAT’LL prevent any further such abuses.
    #2: WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING, leaving ANY companion outdoors and unattended while you were gone????

  7. Future serial killer. The brat needs to be dealt with now!! That being said, never ever leave your dogs unattended in the back yard. This is a perfect place example why. Way too many sickos out there, apparently of all ages. Hope the pup recovers quickly. Hope the little POS gets what’s coming to him.

  8. Please keep us updated on this poor puppy! We need a petition to get this dangerous and sadistic monster kept permanently away from society!

  9. I WOULD BE IN JAIL FOR LIFE and THAT LITTLE BASTARD would BE BEATEN BEYOND SALVAGING!!! SICK! SICK! IN FACT I WOULD BE TAKING ON THE WHOLE FAMILY … POLICE OR NOT!!! The world doesn’t NEED A Ruthless Animal Killer for years and years to come…. his family must be Drug INDUCED Psychopaths and the Police in Ok. really don’t give one SHIT APPARENTLY!!!

  10. That monster needs to be locked up and left behind bars for the rest of his life, and only let out when he’s carried out in a pine box! Let out on the street, this despicable creature will go on to kill pets and humans: he’s a future serial killer and cannot be allowed out on his own.

    Why didn’t his family see what was going on with him, or did they see it and simply ignore the problem?

    This is why you should never allow your pets outside if you’re not with them! I don’t understand why a puppy was even left by himself in this day and age with all of the sickos out there: people have to wake up to the fact that it’s not an Ozzie and Harriet world any more (if it ever was). People are EVIL and not to be trusted. Coyotes are everywhere. Anything can happen. There are simply too many people to let your pet remain outside if you aren’t with them, and you can’t trust neighbors you don’t know.

  11. I would take that little cocksucker and execute him!!! Leave the little prick’s dead body on his parents property
    I seriously don’t give a fuck how old they are .. you hurt my pet. You fucking DIE

  12. That little bastard is the next John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy in the making. It’s best just to lock that maggot POS up for the rest of its natural life otherwise you’re going to see a hell of a lot more cruelty coming from that demented little bastard.

  13. Jealous of love and extremely stupid, that’s the problem with that kid. I hope he’s taken out of commission before he’s able to do this again. Same for all of his kind. Their souls are already dead and decayed, so the bodies need to match.

  14. Whilst I don’t want to blame the family for this tragic situation, I do feel they should keep a young, small puppy inside (birds of prey, coyotes, snakes (amongst others) would all attack and kill a small defenseless puppy in a heartbeat…… to us humans, a puppy is a family member…… to predators, a “free, easy meal”)……

    I just want to snuggle this poor furbaby & reassure him the world is OK & he will be OK (inspite of the horrors he has been through)…… I hope this precious little treasure recovers fully and regains his trust in people. I am sorry humans failed you so terribly…….

    The parents of this monster should be so proud of their son…….. NOT…….

    If this monster were my son, there would be serious, life changing consequences: NO way would he get away with this type of “pre-serial killer behavior”…….

    This useless shitbag POS should be locked up forever (& lose the keys please). Only leave prison in a pine box….. He has a reserved spot in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty……. hope he gets there ASAP after dying alone, afraid, in horrible pain (& worst of all) unloved………

  15. This vile and evil fucking monster of a kid must be bashed to death and tortured the same as this lowlife animal torturing filthy psychopathic depraved pea size brain monster kid committed against precious and innocent little Puppy Sprocket. The vile and evil psycho monster will continue torturing the innocent and defenceless dogs, puppys, cats, kittens and other defenceless and innocent sentient beings just for the thrill of this monsters evil and vile black devils heart. If this vile, evil animal torturing monsters is not eradicated from our planet. Kill the vile and evil bastard making sure this evil bastard suffers in agony as precious and innocent little Puppy Sprocket endured. This monster will become a Serial Killer. That’s for sure. The evidence is there and proof that this m onster must be eradicated. They always start there sadism and evilness of torture and suffering out on the defenceless and innocnet animals. This evil monsters must be killed. Get rid of this vile and evil animal torturing lowlife pos from our planet.
    My heart aches for Puppy Sprocket’s beloved family. RIP Sprocket. This monster will be punished and will die in excruciating agony. Come on someone let this pos kid suffer asap. Other wise this monster will continue its devil work.

  16. Sorry Sprocket. I thought this psychopathic depraved animal torturing lowlife had ended your precious life. You fight hard Sprocket and live a long and happy life.
    But the psycho animal torturing lowlife filthy monster of a kid must be eradicated from the planet before and I pray you return home to your beloved family. . This sadistic and callous lowlife monster of a kid is a deadly threat to all animals and humans. So finish the monster kid off and let this evil bastard burn in hell for an eternity. What the evil monster deserves. I don’t care what age this monster is. An eye for an eye!!!!!!!

  17. Barkley’s Mom, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think this poor puppy has been an evil blow from the devil himself, and yes if not dealt with harshly plus put into long term rehabilitation he has a very high chance of becoming a serial killer.
    My Thoughts and Prayers are for precious Sprocket to heal and recover completely both physically and emotionally from his nightmare ordeal, and for his family that they will have the right tools to help him especially with the emotional side as they, along with Sprocket have been emotionally traumatised deeply. Please seek professional counsel for Sprocket’s sake and yourselves if need be, there is no shame in it, and your precious doggy needs the best that you can give.

  18. What an asswipe kid! I hope the parents teach him to be respectful of others, human and animal, and trespassing is against the law and WHAT HE DID NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED SOMEHOW!! Hurting that pup is next to murder in my book! If that kid was mine I’d give him the exact same thing he gave that pup!!

  19. Just take this kid out and drown him or throw him in a pen with some hungry wild boars. If he is torturing animals at only 8 years old, there is no rehabilitation that will ever work. It is almost certain this wasn’t the first time he has tortured an animal. He certainly meant to kill this poor puppy. This kid is a monster and if he is allowed to live he will keep up the same behavior and escalate it to humans eventually. There is no cure for evil like this. His parents should be spayed and castrated to prevent them from ever breeding again and then forced to pay for Sprockets full medical bills plus an additional fine for the suffering inflicted on Sprocket and his family by their MONSTER offspring.


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