New mom injured and missing puppies who are believed to have been killed by hogs

Mother dog injured – puppies missing and presumed killed by hogs

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A Texas rescue group recently took in an injured shepherd who had obviously just given birth to puppies – the dog, dubbed Tessa, was frightened and suffering from a leg injury. According to Nicholas Pet Haven, the injured dog was  abandoned near the Spence and White Veterinary Clinic last week.

Given her injuries, and the area where she was found, the rescuers fear that wild hogs killed the newborn puppies. The rescue group wrote:

“She is full of milk so we hate to think what happened to her babies! She shakes and is afraid someone will hit her. We took her back twice looking for puppies but none were found. The area is full of wild hogs and we believe they may have killed the babies.”

It is theorized that Tessa was injured while trying to protect her puppies from the wild animals…on February 1, the rescue agency updated Tessa’s many Facebook fans:

“We went back to location again this morning but there was no sign of any Puppies. We will be moving her to a quiet foster home soon so she can learn to trust and come out of her shell.”

Tessa’s heartbreaking story has captured the hearts of dog lovers on social media – you can follow her progress at this link to the rescue agency’s page.

You can follow Tessa's progress on our page: sweet girl is scared to death! She was found near the clinic and it appears she was dumped. She is full of milk so we hate to think what happened to her babies! She shakes and is afraid someone will hit her. We took her back twice looking for puppies but none were found. The area is full of wild hogs and we believe they may have killed the babies. She probably tried to stop them which may have caused injuries to her leg.We need donations for vetting, a foster to help her over her anxiety and suggestions for a name. Please feel free to comment! Contact admin of our page if you’re interested in fostering. Donations may be made to our Paypal acct. by clicking on this link: or by calling the clinic at 903-561-6422Thank you!!

Posted by Nicholas Pet Haven on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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14 replies
  1. Darla G says:

    She looks very sweet. RIP to her puppies. Her rescue should put out the word to other rescue groups asking if there are any puppies without a mom who need a surrogate mom – hate to see all of that milk go to waste.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    WHERE ELSE BUT TEXAS::: AGAIN ! AGAIN ! & AGAIN ! Ruthless uncaring State and a Large Segment of the Population could give a Crap about the Animals like this beautiful Shepard and her puppies that met a horrendous death…. and the HUMAN BEINGS that DO CARE CAN”T KEEP UP!! EVIL has Definitely SET UP SHOP in The HEARTLESS THERE!!!

      • Pamela Bolton says:

        Trump has nothing to do with the mentality of Texas. They were a sick state LONG before Trump came along

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You can be well assured there was little to nothing done to look for these puppies – they can claim whatever they want, wild hogs – anything to do nothing for both the mother and the puppies – Texas is at the bottom of the barrel as far as animal welfare is concerned – way too many who don’t care.

  3. vicki Hood says:

    Tessa is beautiful. So sorry she has been through so much. Please let her have some peace. A rescue or foster would be better than the shelter. She looks so frightened. Good work trying to find her pups. Perhaps she could be mom to a litter whose Mom who is gone. Kep us posted please.

  4. Red says:

    It breaks my heart to see so much fear in an animals eyes….. Good Lord, what must she have gone through!!! Here is a huge prayer that she will heal and find a wonderful, quiet, loving home and family to mind her broken spirit.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Totally agree with the surrogate mom theory. I’m sure there are other puppies somewhere that need a momma. RIP sweet puppies.


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