More cruelty in India as driver chains stray dog to car and drags it over a mile

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In New Delhi, India another egregious case of animal cruelty occurred on Friday night when the driver of a car is alleged to have chained a stray dog and dragged the helpless animal for over a mile in the Jubilee Hills section of Hyderabad.

According to the India Times, an animal activist witnessed the cruelty and intervened by rescuing the dog. Sravya Varma, a volunteer for NGO People for Animals (PFA) rushed the critically injured dog to the Animal Care Clinic at Banjara Hills for emergency treatment and then to the rescue where the pup is still fighting for his life.

“The dog, which suffered internal bleeding, is in critical condition,” a PFA spokesperson stated. “Also the canine has suffered injuries all over the body, including a fracture on one of its legs.”

The Jubilee Hills Police Department has since seized the vehicle as the investigation continues. A case was registered under “Sections 336 of the IPC and the Prevention of Cruelty Act, 1960.”

Let’s hope this dog gets some justice.

(Photo of dog in India dragged screenshot via the India Times)

Read more news on the National Pet Rescue page here.

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8 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    There are some places in the world where maggots masquerading as human beings and know nothing about being human are inflicting cruelty upon all sentient beings. As far as I’m concerned, when they act like that they should be exterminated. No discussion needed.

  2. LESLIE M says:

    Little angel…keep fighting… better things have to be in your future. My heart breaks for the unwanted and moreso for the abused and neglected. If i only had unlimited funds and space

  3. Marsha Squibb says:

    OMG!!!! A f-ing Indian again!!Not surprised tho,just read a mob of filthy Indian men raped a 10 ye old girl!!!This country(minus the animals) should be nuked off the face of the Earth!!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    India does have animal activists and some rescues that do an amazing job with animals like this who have been abused. Let’s hope and pray that this dog has the strength and will to pull through. NGO People for Animals (PFA), does good work for these animals. There are many who care about animals but unfortunately it takes a few to make it look as though no one cares.

    • Kat says:

      Yes, India does have animal activists that work tirelessly to help animals. Animal Aid is another wonderful rescue that helps all animals, not just dogs. True, India does have its share of evil and sick people but there are also those who are compassionate beings towards animals.


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