Monster gator that ate ducks and dogs captured and killed in backyard lake

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A monster gator that had grown too big for the lake he lived in behind an Orlando, Florida residential neighborhood was captured and killed on Monday morning. The 11-foot three-inch alligator had been living in the Richmond Heights section, and according to homeowners, had been eating the lake ducks and neighborhood dogs.

According to Click Orlando, a trapper killed the gator after residents expressed their fears about the huge predator. One of the residents reported she had been sitting on her porch and saw the gator pluck a duck out in the middle of the lake. Even though she was saddened the gator had to be killed, she agreed he was just too big for the area’s small lake and had constantly been on the search for food.

In Florida, gators that are more than four feet in length, cannot be relocated as per Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules. Unless an alligator attacks a human, homeowners and residents are not allowed to kill alligators since they are protected by Florida law. FWC does not want people shooting and killing gators at random and then claiming they were shooting them in self defense.

It is extremely reckless, dangerous and illegal to feed alligators, – the main reason is that these reptiles grow big and could easily injure or kill an adult. Feeding any wild animal only means they will come back for more – the next meal could be your leg.

Check out the size of this gator on video: Wow!

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  1. Why not relocate him? Why not move him to Gator Land? People keep invading their habitat, building McMansions and then, want to punish the wildlife for existing.


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