Michigan woman drowned trying to save her dog who fell through the ice

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In Wyoming, Michigan, a 38-year-old woman drowned after she tried to save her dog who had fallen through the ice. Tracy Cashman never returned Saturday night after walking her dog.

According to the GrandHavenTribune, Cashman frequently walked her dog at Battjes Park. When the dog returned without her, the family went to the park to search for her and called authorities. Hours later, the police found her body in the ice and despite performing a cold water rescue, Tracey had already died. Investigators believe she fell through the ice trying to save her dog who had fallen in during their walk.

“If the dog was struggling, she would save the dog. Whether is was her dog, somebody else’s dog, a child – it would be instinct. She would just do it,” Tracy’s mother stated.

Tracey was employed by the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools. A half-day schedule for Monday will honor her.

Authorities ask people to call for emergency help before venturing out onto an icy pond. Keep your pets leashed and save them and yourself from terrible accidents. Rest in peace Tracy.

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  1. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    On to nirvana for her! A true demonstration of the enlightened being. She will be blessed forever. My condolences to her family. She is a truly beautiful person.


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