Michigan German shepherd approved for unemployment benefits

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In Sagatuck, Michigan, a German shepherd owned by a local attorney received a letter approving the dog for $360 every week in the state’s unemployment  benefits.

According to CbsDetroit, the dog named Ryder, canine companion of attorney Michael Haddock, received a letter addressed to “Michael Ryder” from Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency granting the benefits. Haddock then contacted the agency about the letter.

According to the application, Ryder had been employed by the food chain Kruse and Muer, with Haddock admitting that his dog was indeed “food driven.” Agency spokesman Chris De Witt stated they are looking into the situation, but admits they may never find out who really submitted the application and tried to “dog” the agency.

“Due to criminals stealing data from a number of different places — Equifax, other places where this has happened over the last few years — criminals are now using that information to file for unemployment benefits, and the IRS is running into the same problem with tax refunds. That’s how this starts.” Chris De Witt stated.

No money was paid out to Ryder, and there were some indicators the agency stated that made them suspicious. Investigations administrator did humorously reply that he knows “first hand it is rare for ‘man’s best friend’ to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance.”

Haddock doubts his dog has ever had a job, and says any number of his friends might have done something like this as a practical joke, but does admit he is not entirely sure what Ryder does all day while Haddock is at the office.

(Photo via screenshot submitted by Wzzm)



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