Mer Rouge man arrested in Snapchat video of dog being shot to death

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In Morehouse Parish, Louisiana a Mer Rouge man has been arrested in connection with the disturbing shooting death of a dog videoed on Snapchat and circulated through social media on Tuesday, July 10.

Tobias Conway, 28, faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and could face additional charges according to Knoe8News. The graphic video also appeared on Facebook and involved several people involved in the shooting of a dog on Handy Hill Road which is near Bastrop.

The video is made up of two separate parts – the first showing a bloodied dog lying on the ground, breathing heavily and apparently shot. The second part shows someone shooting the dog while another male voice is telling the man to shoot the dog again each time as the dog cries out in agony. Two gunshots and a photo of the gun can be heard and seen. Another man is heard laughing.

Animal rights advocate, Lisa Guess posted how the community feels about what happened again.

“13 hours ago in Bastrop, Louisiana Another Snapchat Dog Murder. That’s what happens when people see you can get away with it. Police in Bastrop are being notified. Because of the injustice in the trial for Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler it has sent the message like I have said before that it is ok. Like I said on the news for people wanting to do it now they will. As you see they are. Please SHARE. These are more sadistic murderers who have taken advantage of how the system has failed and took it upon themselves to brutally torture and kill a living being.”

More arrests are possible.

The video can be viewed on the Facebook page of Villalobos Rescue Center. WARNING: The video is extremely graphic and not suitable for all viewing audiences.

Read prior article about two Arkansas dog killers. Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and were sentenced to three years in prison, but the prison time was suspended.

Photos of Mer Rouge man arrested via Facebook

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  2. Now this sadistic monster…who was not even supposed to own a gun has torturously murdered a helpless animal because he saw the other two MONSTERS get away with it in Louisiana!!! Monster see monster do….. see what you have now done judge, for letting those other two horrible, vicious, sick monsters off!!?!?!?!!? This is on you! Someone needs to make you WATCH THIS HORRID VIDEO!

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  5. Lawlessness in these states because police are afraid of doing what they should be doing as law enforcers. Too careful so as not to offend any one group, so thugs like this feel they can do anything. Better when the police did their jobs without questioning if they should or shouldn’t and let whoever wants to complain. At least the police will have done what they should have. Justice needs to be there for these innocent animals who are being tortured,abused and killed only because these thugs think they can get away with it.

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  7. This murder is on the shoulders of the so called judge that gave the previous 2 a suspended sentence. I hope that judge is happy, there will be more killings. That “judge” should be retired.

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