Men run into burning home trying to save stranger’s three dogs

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In Wasilla, Alaska, two men ran into a burning home on Saturday night trying to save a stranger’s three dogs trapped in the structure. Joshua Cropper, founder  of HPR Working Dogs Rescue and Tom Hanson, had been driving by when they spotted the smoke billowing from a neighbor’s home.

“Three dogs lost, I feel horrible. Tom Hanson and I broke the back window and went in to save the dogs but couldn’t see or find them through the smoke. Can’t describe the sorrow we feel. Hug your animals and love ones as life is short and precious. We ended up in the lower bedroom and saved as much as possible until the flames forced us to leave. If anyone wants to help this family please let us know,” Joshua wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

According to KtuuNews, Joshua saw the family standing outside as the fire spread and only saw one dog outside. Knowing the family had four dogs, he and Tom repeatedly ran in and out of the burning home trying to find the pets, but were not able to rescue them. The men were able to save some of the family’s possessions.

On Sunday morning neighbors, friends and strangers were already offering help to the family and the surviving dog.  And in the true words of a hero, when asked why he ran in and risked his life, Joshua replied,

“…there’s nothing  I wouldn’t do to try and save a dog.”

“Food and other donations for this family can be dropped off at J and J Food Market, 461 W. Parks Highway in Wasilla near Value Village. Please help this family out, write a check to Hope or Shawn Wolverton if you are willing, drop them off at J and J or mail them to 3102 E. Carney RD Wasilla Alaska and we will deliver them.”

Video here:

(Photo and video HPR Working Dogs)

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  1. Bless these men for trying to save the 3 dogs. Not too many people would do this or even care. In a world where we see more stories about animal abuse, it’s good to know there are still heroes like these men. Joshua Cropper and Tom Hanson you are true heroes!

  2. God bless you, Angels Joshua, helpers, and precious little dog! Thank you for being a Great Samaritan! Many of us feel exactly like you do and would do anything to save an animal!

  3. THANK YOU to both Joshua Cropper and Tom Hanson for their valiant efforts to save three dogs – unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, but their bravery is well appreciated. You men are prime examples of true heroes.


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