Men arrested after dog surrendered with two broken legs

Men arrested - breaking dog's legs
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Two men have been arrested after a surrendered dog was discovered with two badly broken legs. According to WRAL News, Charlie, a hound, was surrendered by to the New Hanover County Animal Services facility last month by Keaton Alexander Messina Miller and Joshua Ryan – the men told the employees that the dog, who was adopted from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services Unit, had a leg injury.

Charlie was taken for x-rays after staff discovered that he was unable to stand on his rear legs – the x-ray images revealed that the dog was suffering with two broken femurs and one leg had been torn from the hip. Charlie’s injuries were so severe that he was humanely euthanized.

After an investigation, it was determined that Charlie was “smacked” by Miller, who was angry that the dog had defecated on the floor, reported WECT News. Miller was charged with both felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty and Ryan, who is accused of failure to get the dog prompt veterinary attention, was charged with a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.

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  1. ANY animal abuse and neglect should be a felony crime! These obviously ignorant, subhuman Trogolodytes should be in prison. Lifetime ban on owning or caring for any other animals forever. Big fat fines! ANIMALS LIVES MATTER!!!

  2. WHEN are the courts going to start handing down REAL PUNISHMENT to animal abusers!! All they get right now is a slap on the wrist. These two IDIOTS need about 2 years in jail, $50,000 fine and their names on a National Registry to NEVER EVER be allowed to own, purchase, adopt or live in the same place as an animal!! They are too stupid to know how to reprimand and train an animal.

  3. The law states that animal abuse of this kind is a felony and this judge did not follow the law. Pull their legs out of their hip joints and let’s see how they are after that. Pond scum that should be kept in a cage away from normal people.

  4. Couldn’t Charlie have been taken to the vet? Surely they could have repaired his injured legs and put his hip back in place! If it was a human being they would have been rushed into surgery and operated on immediately! I hate it when they deem injuries too severe on animal so they “humanely euthanize” it! As for the scumbags who left Charlie that way, may they rot in Hell! You’ll get what’s coming to you!

    • Kathy, I appreciate your hope and concern for Charlie. After a long time of abuse and neglect, Charlie probably could not carry on any more without proper attention, care, lack of food, water, blankets, etc. RIP, Charlie, you are in a better place after all you have endured. Charlie and others like him remind us to speak for those that can not. There are changes, slow, but change, yes.

  5. These two sadistic and violent criminals deserve to have their legs broken, their hips pulled from their sockets and then executed as what happened to this poor puppy!

  6. Due to these two punks actions and lack of a dog is dead. Keaton Miller, I hope your punk white ass is sitting in jail and the inmates are having a great time at your expense – you definitely deserve to become the ‘girlfriend’ of the whole cellblock along with your scumbag friend, Joshua Ryan – two examples of inhumane bastards who will hopefully get the same consideration they gave an innocent dog – NONE! And it is way past time for the damn blind dead judicial system wake up and stop treating animal abusers like litterers – MAKE THEM PAY!

  7. Break their legs and throw them in the gutter where these two POS belong! An orthopedic vet could have repaired Charlie’s legs. I guess the issue is the medical expense. The shelter should have gone out to rescues, such as RDR that would have provided medical attention for Charlie. As for these two idiots, they should be banned from having living pets.

  8. A slap on the wrist will keep going on until the powers that be whether it’s judges, police, animal control officers or others get their acts together and start handing out punishment that fits the crime. Even though it’s been proven that animal abuse leads to human abuse, it’s not looked upon like that. Vote the people out of office that you can and start being proactive in your state for a state wide animal abuse registry, then start on the federal animal abuse registry! Baby steps but it’s a start!

  9. Their next victim is a child,mentally challenged,or elderly person…The authorities must take animal abuse seriously!!It’s the bottom rung of evil in people!!!!


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