Memphis dog who fell 20 feet off overpass is back home

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A Memphis, Tennessee a German shepherd who fell 20 feet off an overpass on Sunday is back home – suffering only minor injuries. According to Wreg News, the dog jumped off t he Union Avenue overpass and fell to the ground below.

Indeed this lucky pooch had an angel watching over him. A neighbor, Tonya Martin had been preparing to leave to go shopping when she noticed a crowd gathered at the bridge. When she went over, she saw the dog lying motionless on the ground panting. Tonya and a group of volunteers helped to pick up the dog and transferred him to an emergency veterinarian clinic.

At the clinic, the well-cared for dog was scanned, and fortunately he had been micro-chipped. The dog’s name was Rocky and the vet hospital reunited the dog with his owner, Edras Aquilar, who lived just a few blocks away. Edras had been searching the neighborhood looking for his dog. Neighborhood kids had caused the dog to escape while Edras had been at church.

No one knows why Rocky jumped off the overpass, but the recent rainy weather had left the ground saturated and soft. Rocky suffered a broken toenail and is limping, but otherwise he made it. Thanks to an angel watching over him from above, and an angel named Tonya, Rocky is one lucky pup.

(Photo of dog who jumped off overpass screenshot via Wreg News)

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5 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Rocky is one lucky dog, and he was chipped shows his owner is vested.. If I were that owner I would be vested In finding out WHO these “Kids” who were apparently NOT IN CHURCH , BUT going out and BEING Criminals almost caused this individual’s Pet to die a horrible death… Their parents need to address this…

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    So glad Rocky is home and recovering – Thank God the owner, Edras Aquilar is responsible and had Rocky microchipped – THAT alone is why he is home, so important to have this done.


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