Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors

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Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors. No doubt her rescue is miraculous and thanks to Harbin SHS, a non profit in Heilongjiang, China, many more dogs just like this sad face will have the opportunity to thrive and find loving adoptive homes.

“We are a group of foreigners and Chinese citizens dedicated to rescuing, bringing back to full health, and rehoming dogs from slaughterhouses, dog-meat traders and other horrendous backgrounds.”

The group began rescuing in July 2016 with just a handful of dogs and learned as they worked while encountering each new rescue experience. Just two years later, there are more than 600 animals finding safety, receiving treatment and getting their happily ever after homes. All of the dogs have been saved from slaughterhouses, dog-meat traders and other horrible backgrounds.

And as sad as our featured dog looks now, she will soon be on her way to a full recovery. She will feel kindness and love; when she is well enough, she will be made available for adoption, and this barely recognizable English Bull terrier will go to a home somewhere – maybe even around the world.

To follow the rescue of these survivors, please click here.

Video of a slaughterhouse survivor:

“Last night we were all at the local rescue, and came across this guy. He wasn’t moving and just looked to be the saddest guy in the world.

He was tucked into a ball and when I pulled his head up to have a look, we couldn’t believe he is an English Bull Terrier… We never ever ever see these guys…

He’s now at the vets. Thankfully negative for everything so far.”

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  1. My heart aches for the defenceless and innocent sentient beings who suffer the vilest of unimaginable heinous animal torture and suffering the vile and evil animal torturing Chinese commit against such defenceless and innocent dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and all the other precious and innocent sentient beings these vile and evil animal torturing Chinese monsters deliberately torture to death. If I could get to these animal torturing vile and evil Chinese monsters on our planet I would delfinately rip their vile and evil guts out while they are alive. See how they like dying in excruiciating agony the same as their defenceless and innocent victims endured.
    My hatred and detestation against these Chinese and all the Asian monsters who deliberately and heinously torture precious and innocent sentient beings to death
    is deep within me and I pray they all are punished by the vilest of deaths possible.


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