Black bear

Man wrestles with bear to try and save his dog from being killed

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A man visiting Jasper National Park, in the Canadian Rockies, jumped out of his car and wrestled with a bear in an attempt to save his dog from being killed. According to CBC News, despite the man’s attempts, the dog was killed by the black bear.

What happened before the bear attack?

The deadly situation happened after the man’s dog jumped out of the open window of his car and started barking at the bear. Not surprisingly, the bear responded aggressively. The man desperately tried to save his canine companion, but the dog was no match for the wild animal.

Experts weigh in on the man’s attempt to save his dog

While the dog’s owner’s response to the attack is commendable, it is not recommended. Steve Malcolm, a human-wildlife conflict specialist for the park, commented on the situation:

“It’s an instinctive reaction and one that we don’t condone.”


“Really, the fellow is really lucky that he was able to pull that off, but it didn’t change the outcome, and certainly our message is: Absolutely never do that.”

How did the man survive?

The man who decided to wrestle a wild animal is lucky to be alive – experts believe that he only survived because the bear was actually fixated on killing the dog. Obviously, taking on a bear, or other wild animal, is never advisable.

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6 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I suppose it was a dumb thing to do, but how many of us would have reacted the same had we seen our pet being killed by a bear? One thing I would suggest is not have your window open so wide your dog can jump out of the car, that is dangerous in so many ways. My condolences to this man for the loss of his dog.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Feel so bad for the man who lost his dog due to a bear attack. Unfortunately, the dog was not restrained in the car so jumping out of the window and going after the brown bear should not have happened. I can imagine how the dog’s owner felt and did whatever he could to save his dog, but he is lucky to be alive even though his dog is gone. When with our pets, we need to make sure they are restrained whether in the car or on a walk in the woods or on trails.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Yet !!! I BET everyone writing a Post has ( I KNOW I HAVE ) been thoughtless about something SO DAMN UNFORSEEN!!!! I think EACH & EVERY one OF US can tell of something the could have or did END in a Horrific Fashion .. My heart really goes OUT TO THIS MAN as NO MATTER WHAT he will NEVER FORGET that one moment of NOT BEING ON TOP of OUR SAFETY FIRST MEASURES !!! Jasper was being King of the Mountain till the end!!! Sad to Say!!!

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    My deepest sympathies for the man, and I strongly commend him for trying to save his dog. There could have been two tragedies instead of one! However, if we are completely honest with ourselves, I bet many of us would have done the same.


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