Man who lopped off dog’s leg with garden shears asks for forgiveness

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The man who lopped off his dog’s rear leg with garden shears and a kitchen knife has asked for the public’s forgiveness. As reported by Fox Detroit News, the Labrador retriever’s owner, Charles Wofford, has explained that the dog’s leg needed to be removed after a dog fight, but he did not have the money for a veterinarian.

Wofford claims that gangrene was setting in, so he got some toothache numbing gel and started amputating his dog’s rear leg. He explained, “I used tooth ache medicine for your gums for teething, I put that around there. I was able to cut around the bone as clean as possible and I was eventually able to take the leg off.”

While the man claims that his dog didn’t suffer, the Michigan Humane Society has other thoughts. Matt Pepper, shelter president and CEO, stated:

“I’ve been in animal welfare roughly 20 years and much has been spent doing animal cruelty investigations, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an animal that has been forced to endure such incredible suffering. This is truly torture,”

The dog is now receiving veterinary care following the at-home amputation – so far, the owner is not facing charges. Wofford hopes that people will forgive him for his decision to amputate his dog’s leg. He said, “I ask the public to forgive me for what I’ve done and try and understand that I love my dog and I wasn’t trying to do it in the best welfare for my animal.”

(Image via Michigan Humane Society)

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  1. Did he even try to find a animal rescue to find out if there was a vet that they had to take care of his dog. Would he cut off his own leg if it was damaged. I doubt it.

  2. BULLSH*T!
    Prosecute this cretin to the fullest extent of the law! He COULD have taken this hapless creature to a vet or shelter for help…

  3. What are we supposed to “forgive” stupidity? If he didn’t have the money to take the dog for treatment to the vet (who knows the leg might have been saved) then turn in the dog or find a way! Toothache cream and lopping your dogs leg off isn’t the answer! Sorry, I’m not in a forgiving mood when I see abuse like this!

  4. You should ask the dog for forgiveness because we HUMANS aren’t having it. There was no excuse for putting this dog through that torture. Someone would have helped you if you had only asked.

  5. Yes, maybe he loves his dog,BUT, why didn’t he explain to the vet he can’t afford the amputation and possibly they could have either done it at a lower cost he could afford or refer him to a place where the dog could be taken care of the correct way. Is it possible because of the gangrene the dog had no feeling in the section of the leg he cut off or he tied the dog down as he was doing the cutting. Either way, love for an animal needs to be their welfare before the cost out of your pocket. Now he has more to deal with than just being able to afford the amputation by his vet.

  6. WTF!! Why no charges laid! Don’t matter if his intent were best for the dog, that’s still fucking abuse!! If no charges are laid this shit will continue & this case will be used as an example to get others off!!????????????

  7. Simple solution, cut this guy’s leg off and ask for forgiveness…eye-for-an-eye justice might make idiots who do this have more compassion or maybe not…the guy needs to suffer like his dog has…sorry, no empathy for this jerk..saw off his leg and throw him in jail with no opiod pain killers..see how he likes it!

  8. What a load of BS! Let’s see. Detroit, dogfighting, egregious animal cruelty. It all makes sense, even the “no charges filed.” The authorities are doubtless of the same ethnic persuasion. How about some prison time, no plea deals, no early release and a lifetime ban on owning or having care & control of any other animal?

    • Prison time up to the death penalty! Absolutely sickening no charges were filed. This SOB is a potential serial rapist, serial killer. They start with animal abuse There is a direct correlation. Probably a Michael Vick fan , dog fighting in the first place! Death penalty is needed in abuse / torture cases. Detroit is the most crime ridden city per capita in the USA. If it was a thug killed there would be protests! Well animals lives matter too!

  9. Oh I’ll forgive him alright. As long as I can meet him with my Smith & Wesson I would easily forgive him. It would take me all of two seconds. Time me.

  10. Rot and die this flaming ass bastard. He wants for forgiveness I can forgive him by cutting his fucking legs with a chain saw.

  11. NO CHARGES??? What the hell is wrong with Detroit’s animal cruelty laws??? Are the nonexistent? This asshole should be sitting in jail on FELONY animal cruelty charges for what he did – no doubt about it. This poor dog suffered horribly because some asshole owner decided to cut off his leg and Detroit approves of it? I am livid about no charges being brought – what the fuck is wrong with this city? They are buying this maggot’s bullshit excuse that is so thin it is transparent. He let this dog suffer until gangrene set in – not doing one thing about it. Charles Wofford wants forgiveness – HAH! All he deserves is a date with a wood chipper –

  12. Lock this worthless piece of flesh up!!! If you cannot afford to take care of a dog you don’t need one. Lock this idiot up and throw the key away!!!!

  13. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent! No charges filed is ludicrous! Probably was fighting his poor dog in the first place! This SOB deserves the death penalty and not by lethal injection which would be too humane! Needs to be dismembered without anesthesia like he did to his poor dog!

  14. Go to Hell and ask the devil for some ice water. When you get it I may just may have a little bit of forgiveness for you. But I doubt it.

  15. I, too, am enraged. This is a disgusting story. But, if you follow any rescues in Detroit that help low income people then you should know that these people often can barely feed their pets let alone pay for veterinary care. So let’s use this story as a way to teach people. Perhaps he does love his dog. Perhaps his dog was suffering from gangrene. So what are his options? 1. Take the dog to a shelter where it will surely be euthanized. 2. Take the dog to a vet who will turn him away or “maybe” euthanize the dog too, but more than likely send this guy back to #1. So while we rant and rage over what he did, and how this poor beautiful creature suffered, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU offered a reasonable answer for someone without the means to get his dog treatment without having to lose his pet. This is the world of those that don’t have. Those that do have can sure be judgemental. It’s time we had Medicaid for animals so people could afford veterinary care. A few $$ donation to a fund that pays for this kind of treatment would serve all of you much better. No one who meant real harm to their pet, would ask for forgiveness. Think Michael Vick.

  16. BTW, I was born and raised in Detroit and still live in a Detroit suburb. I follow the rescues. It is a HUGE problem here.

  17. This man is sick in the head. No sane person does this. He doesn’t deserve to own or be around animals. He needs to be locked up, away from civilized society. God only knows we he’s liable to do next, or already has done????????


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