Man went swimming, left dog locked inside of hot truck

Owner went swimming, dog left in hot truck
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A Florida man decided to go swimming, and left his dog locked away inside of a hot truck which was parked at Navarre Beach, on Saturday. According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, it was in the mid-80s on the day that the dog was left to suffer inside of the parked vehicle. The authorities stated that it was upwards of 30-degrees hotter inside of the vehicle.

See something, say something – passerby notified the authorities

Thanks to a concerned passerby, the authorities were notified that the dog was in distress inside of the parked truck. When deputies arrived, they found the dog inside of the truck, without any open windows or water. As reported by the Pensacola News Journal, the dog was “panting and shaking” on the floor of the truck.

Arrest made

The situation resulted in the arrest of the dog’s owner, identified as 50-year-old Brian Scott Hickey. Hickey told the officers that he had been swimming for 20 minutes and stated that he didn’t see anything wrong with leaving his dog inside of the parked truck. Hickey was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

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  1. If he didn’t see anything wrong with leaving the dog in the truck than maybe he doesn’t deserve to have a dog. Was the dog returned to him?

  2. No this idiot wouldn’t see anything wrong with leaving his dog inside a truck. I guess he lives in a vacuum where he has NEVER seen an article about a dog dying from being left in a hot car. I suppose we are to believe that in the 20 minutes he was swimming, someone noticed the dog and called the police and the police removed the dog. Fast response?

  3. Put that motherfucker in 90° Hot car lock him in there for 20 minutes and will see how the motherfucker feels fucking bastard doesn’t deserve a dog

    • I was just thinking the same thing. No crack in the windows, full sun…see if he has a change of heart. Jerkwad!

  4. How about we tie the bastard up and throw him in some car’s trunk out in the hot sun. Only make it 10 X the amount of time he left his dog in the truck. I don’t see anything wrong with that … do you?

  5. What would he have said if the dog died because of what he did? Shouldn’t have a dog if he doesn’t care or see anything wrong with what he did.

  6. It should be common knowledge by now that you cannot leave pets in cars, trucks, semi, trailers anything without air conditioning

  7. Another brain dead idiot who thought his dog would be fine left in a hot car – Brian Scott Hickey apparently never saw or totally ignored the numerous messages stated on both TV and the internet about leaving dogs in hot cars. This douchebag should be forced to sit in his hot car while his dog goes swimming and see what its like to literally suffocate – I am glad the officers were determined enough to teach him a lesson and charged Hickey with animal cruelty. People like him have the brain power of a doorknob and no animal should be subjected to any irresponsible selfish human who thinks of nothing but themselves.

  8. If he planned to go somewhere his pet couldn’t go…..WHY TAKE HIM AT ALL?!?!?!?! Some people don’t have the sense God gave a cucumber!

  9. Maybe someone should put this miserable scumbag in a hot car shut all the windows when it is 90 degrees and see if he likes it. This lowlife didn’t think he put his dog in harm. I am tired of hearing about irresponsible dumb ass animal owners. Hope he didn’t get the dog back, which I am sure they did give him back.


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